One Awful Smell

I was torn, I wanted to help whoever was trapped and obviously trying to get out of that... thing, but I was also terrified of whether that person was going to be normal or just as messed up as this place had already proven to be.

Remaining with the current theme, I chose to do nothing but watch as a slender young girl slowly emerged from the sac. The mechanical movement was unnatural as her arms stretched, cracked at the joints and then clawed to the stone below, pulling herself out inch by inch.

Finally, the young girl was out, laying slightly prone in a fetal position.

"Are you ok?" The words barely escaped my mouth, and even if she could hear I doubt she would have made them out. Did I mention it stunk?

Her head tugged violently upward and her eyes locked with mine.

I screamed and fell backward in shock, "For Christ sake." I was getting tired of feeling scared.

"Hello." She said, in an unexpectedly soft voice.

"Um... " I looked around. "Hi." I stared at her for a moment waiting for her to respond, but she just lay there, staring back, blankly. Every moment grew in akwardness and I felt the need to move. I got up, and said the first thing that came to mind. "You do know you were just crapped out of giant flying squid right?"

The End

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