Gotta be a dream

Yeah this had to be a dream.

I calmed slightly, knowing that the insanity of this situation had to be a falsity. I enjoyed lucid dreams from time to time, but even now that I was convincing myself that this was far from reality, I couldn't help but feel uneasy about the fact that I was still not in any kind of control.

The giant sea creature finally reached me and it's ten tentacles clamored on to the stone before me. It's massive bulbous head, with it's quivering rounded fins on either side, slowly lowered until it's mouth lay on the rocks.

The most vile sound emanated from it; like the sound of a thousand old congested men blowing snot at the exact same time. I watched in horror as some glob of mucous erupted from it's mouth as it pulled itself up and became airborne once again.

The squid gained altitude and eventually arched into the sky, the distance growing between it and I.

My eyes were ripped from it when the bulging sack of mucous before me moved.

"What the Christ?"

First a hand shaped bulge pushed from inside, and then the outer membrane split, a human arm jutting through it's pale gray mass.

"Oh my God!"

The End

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