Cephalopod Funk

Something moving in the distance caught my eye. It was pulsing forward, then slowing and pulsing again. Its mass coalesced into a small dot when it slowed before elongating into a violent dash as it moved along the horizon.

Terror struck me when I realized that it was getting bigger, closer.

I searched nearby for anything I could hide in, but the fear of what could already be hiding in the foliage was almost as terrifying as the monstrous living thing that arched its way across the sky to me.

Unable to make a decision, I froze, like a dear in headlights I sat there, waiting for the inevitable.

My fear almost subsided as it took quite some time for the darn thing to get to me, and I caught myself thinking "Come on already, let's get this over with." But soon enough I was back to a preverbial state of "Ooooh lights." when I realized what was coming my way.

It was a cephalopod, and it took me a while to count the tentacles. Reaching ten, and really beginning to judge it's size I was quite sure that it was a giant squid... flying through the air.

The End

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