Into the Squid Queen's Lair

This story is a tribute to the insanity and brilliance of Archi_Teuthis.
And mostly 'cause I just want to write crazy stuff.... yeah that's it.

"Am I dreaming?"
Was the first thing that came to mind when I slowly dropped through the air, gliding on a thick oily film that simultaneously carried me softly to the ground while completely blinding me of anything nearby.

My feet eventually clattered onto a tile like surface, it was cold, and that's when I realized i wasn't wearing any shoes.

In one quick motion, the ink cloud was pulled up, and as it left my sight returned. I had no control over the action of watching where this strange substance was going as it rocketed toward a purple hued sky.

It seemed almost comedic how long it took for the thing to get out of sight, and finally, when it's pin prick of jet vanished from my vision, I slowly dropped my sight to the horizon.

The cacophony of strange wildlife sunk in and I began to fear for my safety as small critters scurried through the tall grass, it's bending blades the only insight as to where they really were.

The tree's looked strangely like fingers, although each tip held a large spherical mass, composed of other round objects; fruits maybe?

I didn't dare touch them as they were of a dark red that seems to warn of danger.

I was frozen, not wanting to move from the stone I had been set on.

The End

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