Free... sort of

I spent about an hour jabbing at the wall until I remembered the laser in my cell phone antennae. I made an incision right next to where I remembered the book was. I slipped my hand through and pulled on it. The door swung open and I quietly slipped out.

I took a look at my surroundings. There was a desk with a laptop on it. I ran to it and quickly opened the laptop. I looked at his history but didn't find anything. Drat! He cleared it.

To the left of the desk was a trophy case filled with bronze trophies. In the front of the room was two chairs and a fireplace. The rest of the room was just a bunch of bookshelves.

To the right of the desk there was a door. It was still raining outside, but I decided to risk it. I ran out the door and was immediately drenched. She saw a little building to my left and ran to it. I looked inside and it was empty. I found a sack of manure and laid down on top of it, falling asleep.


I woke suddenly when I light turned on. "Who are you?" A light British accent asked.

"Oh, I..." I stammered. "I...I'm orphan. I'm...uh...looking for a place to stay."

"Oh, well I guess I'd better tell the master about this," the girl said quietly.

"Please, don't!" I pleaded. "It's just he'll call the police and I'll have to go back to my foster family. They beat me, ma'am. Please don't make me go back there!" I fell to my knees.

"Okay, okay, fine. I won't tell, but you've got to have better sleeping quarters than this. I'll give u a blanket and you can sleep in my room, how 'bout that?"

"Okay. Thank you, ma'am." I followed the girl into the house and up the stairs.


The End

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