A Wicked Smile

A wicked smile finds its way onto the face of the one only a foot from me. It’s not quite a smirk, but still had the affect. “You ready to go my dear?” He asks

“Let me finish the book, im almost done.”

When he doesn’t respond, I go back to reading. Seeing as I truly was almost done, I quickly finished. Just to mess with him, I act as though I am still reading.

Him mad is not a good thing. With any other person ticking him off on purpose is a death wish. He dare not hurt me though, especially since he was extremely late. So I decided to try his patience a bit more. 

In an effort to not be clearly faking, I didn’t fake it. I read and read and read it over and over again.  “You’re a dirty liar and you’re doing it on purpose.” He says clearly annoyed but also clearly joking. I decide to take the innocent route.

“What ever do you mean darling? I’m just reading my book like I said.” I say continuing to read. A playful growl reaches my ears and I conceal a smile. Before I even have a chance to react, my book is gone.

“Give it back!” I half shout careful not to disturb Bree. I try to reach for it trying to get it back. With no effort  from him at all he holds me back. “You know I don’t think I will. It will be on your pillow when you wake up tomorrow, till then It’s mine.  “ He say holding it away from me.

He begins flipping through it with one hand still easily holding me back. “Let’s see what could be so interesting. SO there is a wolf named Asil flirting with another wolf named Anna, not interesting. You should defiantly put it down and come with me. Lil is just dying to see you.”

I stop trying to get it and relax. The foolish boy; when I relax he does too. I get up and feign walking to the door. Still not seeing the threat I pose he simply puts the book down on the bed and gets up to join me.

I quickly run and grab the book and transport myself to the Treehill house, his house, our house. I often wish I could do that more than just at night. I mean I guess I could any time I want, but im not quite ready. I need to learn more. Say good bye to my adoptive parents and the day.  I can’t do that till I move out, so that’s when I will agree to change, to embrace the future I was born to have.

As soon as I can I hide it under the couch. “I see he tried to take your book. I would hurry though he gave you a head start, but it won’t be long now” Said a voice as calm and cool and sweet as night air on a cloudy night in spring.

The voice was very close to her brother’s, but his had more of an autumn feel to it. I’m told mine is close to his but mine it one of the nights closer to winter. Cool and crisp, sweet and fresh, that’s what they tell me. Their voices gave away their relation. Even a blind man could see that they were brother and sister.

“The Kir’s girl is coming over again.” Lilly says when I don’t respond. The Kir family was another like the Treehill family. The Kir girl was silent, hateful, and to rude when she did speak. Her voice tended to have the tone of a harsh winter night. When you are what they are, what I will be, your voice is a key element to learning of personality.

She had a brother though. He was kind and outgoing, but could get a bit shy.  His voice was sweet sticky summer night, the ones that have the best memories. I’m not insane with these comparisons either, you can actually feel the night air when they speak. The warmth of Todd’s voice, the cold chill of his sisters. Her brother was born for the lovely lady trying to speak to me. When that happened, he changed, and so did his family. They despise what they are and blame him for it.

“Jenna Marie! Speak to me, I haven’t seen you in hours!” She yelled.

“Relax Lill. I’m just thinking, Why is little miss Becky May Kir choosing to show her face here? Is she actually dragging her royal self across town? Lill this is big! “ I joke.

The Kir girl made no effort to hide how much she hated what she was and how it was a pain trying to get here. I made no effort to hide how much I didn’t like it when she was here. She was silent unless you asked her a question to which she responded to curtly, and in a snappy like you had done something wrong.

“Laugh it up Jen, just because you can’t leave and I can’t doesn’t mean I can’t indirectly sick her on you. I hear Bree needs a new girlfriend to go out with. At any rate she is coming to make sure Todd gets home safe or some bull like that. Honestly, he’s what thirty now, he don’t need a babysitter. I think she is just coming to annoy us.”

“Yes because most thirty five year old women still live with their family too.  You look what sixteen this year? Totally normal.”

“ Oh, shut up. I just don’t want to be bothered with her. And for your information I am fifteen till the second! Thank you very much for noticing, and pointing out my age and look. I think we have the next brilliant mind with us today. So yeah I’ll see you the second! And not a day sooner if you keep that up. So ha!”

The End

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