The One Thing

One thing living with her has helped; I could now successfully live alone. I mean living with her is like living alone with a nosy neighbor. I buy my own everything, figure out how much of every bill I need to pay, earn my own money, and do things when I can or feel like it.

The worst part was, no one took me seriously.  Outside my real family, no one saw past my age. I was eighteen adopted into wealth and live with my sister who proudly spends someone else’s money rather then make her own. My father provides for her too, just to see her happy. Some people, who are less shallow, only see a book. They look right past the bank and only see the book.

I read a lot, that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to me.

A loud banging brings me out of my thoughts. “Mary Anne put your stupid book down and go to bed! It’s like two in the morning and you’re wasting electricity!” Bree’s annoying voice says from the other side of the door. Rolling my eyes, I reach over and turn off the lamp. I hear her storm up the stairs and on the light comes.

“Waste electricity, me! I bet every single light she passed is on.” I complain to my visitor. The same wondrous laugh fills my room. Sometimes, I consider saying things just to hear that laugh. I love that laugh.

I normally don’t have such a harsh tongue outside my thoughts, but that laugh released it. I would never confront Bree about it, I’m just not that type. Plus she doesn’t seem like much at five foot two, but that girl could take down a college football player if they get on her bad side.

The End

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