Life is hard.

Life is hard, but with that laugh, it could be easy. Fighting the urge to look up at the smile that always accompanied the laugh, I continue to read. At this point my face is but an inch from the page as it captivates me how I wish I could be in a story like this; where a happy ending is almost a definite.

My life is, hard in some ways, easy in others.

My mother is loving, kind, and poor. My father is wise caring and filthy stinkin rich. They love each other very much. Their marriage is great, but my stubborn as all hell mother wants to try and make her own money. In all this work and such, they don’t have as much time for me as they would like.

Trying to help them out, relive some stress, I moved out. I now live with my uncaring, leech of a sister. She lives in a four bed two and a half bath house. Her room is the entire second floor and she had two insanely huge closets, one of which has three turns, and one of the bathrooms up there. I get most of down stairs. We share the kitchen and living room. The dining room is whoever is there first.

I set it up pretty nice. I have a TV in every room. One’s my bedroom, another the computer room, and the last my office. She doesn’t bother me much in my rooms. I am forbidden from going up to her rooms, but she can come and go into mine as she pleases. My bedroom has the half bath so I use that whenever possible. Anything to avoid Bree. Not that that’s hard, she’s always out spending Dad’s money. I don’t have to try hard.

The End

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