Into the Night

a girl who is actually a secret agent living under the Witness Protection Program. Other than that, it can be about anything.

I glanced nervously at my watch. 22:17:47. My partner was supposed to be here ages. There was no more time to spare. I checked my phone once more, and upon finding nothing, looked around and dashed silently into the shadows, alone.

My feet barely made a sound as I sprinted through the shadows. As I was passing headquarters, my phone went off. I pulled it out and flipped it open, not missing a stride.


"I saw you," The commander's voice was disapproving.


"You were a decimeter too far to the left. Watch that next time." He warned.

"Will do."

"Any sign of 68?"

"None," I sighed.

"I'm on my way to his place now. Just gonna make sure he's okay."


"Excuse me?"

"No, you have a mission. You will complete that mission. I've known 68 for a long time. If he didn't show up, it's because he's in danger."

"What?" I stopped running for a second.

"Keep running," The commander instructed. I did. "Someone must know about him. By going to his place they'll just get you too."

"But 68-"

"We'll help him, but you need to do your job first.

The End

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