The portalMature

This feels familiar, I know I have been here before. I inhale the sweet smell of Gardenia, and the breeze lifts my hair off my shoulders. My eyes follow the string of lights tracing the fence along the perimeter of the yard. It's quiet, and the moon honors the sky with low twilight beams. I feel safe here, and I sense that I'm not alone. I twirl around, but I see nothing but the flowers and lights. A blanket of disappointment shadows me, and just at the moment I feel his breath on my neck.

"Adam?" I ask with hope in my voice.

"Yes, love it is I," his smile looked down at me.

I said nothing as I held him so tightly, and my heart thumped loudly into the silence of the night. I began sobbing uncontrollably, and whether it was caused by sadness or joy I couldn't decide.

"Why the tears my love?" Adam asks concerned.

"Stay with me forever, promise me you will never leave," I whispered.

Her rubbed my back and rocked me back and forth in a soothing rhythm.

"I am always here with you," he breathed as lightning cracked the sky.

The rain poured down as we ran under the canopy that covered the table in the corner of the yard. Upon the table were candles and wine, and a setting for two. I pulled my chair close to his, I had a strong appetite but not for food. I leaned into his kiss, and the sound of rain tapped up above. When I pulled back I saw sadness in his eyes.

"What is it?" I asked

He sighed then said, "We haven't got much time left, the portal is getting weak."

I was confused, and he could tell by the expression on my face. So he proceeded to tell me that if I don't find the strength to believe in us, in him; then our future together would cease to exist. He said my mind was in an idle state of shock.

"Please believe," he voice faded as I felt the dizziness again.

Then he was gone, and when my eyes open I was still on the beach from earlier. If Adam was making any sense at all, that would mean something impossible. A portal, what like a magic entrance between worlds like in the movies? No wonder I felt like I was going crazy. So I decided that when I got back to the house I was going to turn to good old Google for some research. Though I knew Google would even be mocking my search request, what other choice did I have?

My fingers typed "portals" into the search field and I pressed enter. All that came up were movie titles and books. I scrolled through pages and pages until finally, I saw a link for portals to real world locations. I clicked on the link, and a bright yellow screen appeared with only one box to fill. It was next to a single question "Where would you like to go?"

I just stared at the screen for moments. What did it mean? Was it some kind of practical joke? Of course I was probably the one person to fall for it, after all I was desperate. So I typed in to the box an read it over before clicking send.

My answer read "Into the mirror's eyes"

Nothing happened of course, beside me sitting there like a fool. It was frustrating thinking about loosing something I never had in the first place. What did Adam mean? When would I see him again to ask, or would I?

I was summoned by a loud crash out front, so I hurried to the window. I couldn't believe what I saw, and didn't want to. I was a small tattered fishing boat. I wasn't sure if there was even any survivors on it, but I was sure to find out.

I grabbed my riffle Oscar had left the first time he came here. He said he would feel safer if he knew I had protection.

I approached to boat with caution, studying every exit possible. I could hear faint movement from the deck below. Before I could take another step a figure surfaced. I it couldn't be I attended his funeral.

"Lola?" my father's voice asked as the blood rushed out of my face and I passed out.

The End

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