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Time had seemed to pass by expeditiously as the morning sun opened my eyes. I had began to envisage back to my dream or alter reality. Whatever title it held, I wanted to understand it's message. I never wanted anything more in my life, but to feel the way I felt with him. A smile escaped my lips as I peered into the mirror cautiously. Half wishing to see him peering back and half hoping for some clarity, but it was just my own reflection.

I entered into the living room, where my laptop was nestled on top of the table I last left it on. I seated myself in front of the screen, as I would try and give it another go. When I opened my files my mouth dropped, nothing but white blank pages stared back at me. Everything I had ever written was gone, all my works vanished. It was as if this time on the Island never existed, as if I never existed. That's the panic feeling that rushed over my body anyway. It didn't really matter anyway, nobody even knew of my existence, so I might as well not be alive.

I took a deep breath and sighed, and my mind skipped out to the view of the beach.Something felt different about today, though I couldn't put a finger on it I knew it was a good feeling. I retired to the beach and sat on the sandy shore, the sound of the waves soother my anxiety. I help my knees close to my chest as I rocked back and forth, the tears fell from my eyes. I didn't want to be alone anymore, aside from the beauty of the Island I was full of sorrow.

I leaned back and closed my eyes, I tried to vision him again. My heart never craved such a being as I did him. It was almost to overwhelming to contain into myself. It felt so real, and I had to believe that maybe it was. I had to have hope that I wasn't crazy, and that maybe this moment right now was the actual dream. Don't I deserve peace and serenity?

"Adam?" I whispered aloud as if he would really answer me. I laughed at myself and got up from the sand. I started to head for the house when I felt dizzy, I tried to hold my balance but I felt myself gravitate forward. I gazed up into the sun, but I felt heavy and I couldn't move my body. I fought my eyelids to stay ajar, but the grew tired and eventually won the battle.

The End

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