" I don't understand," I add. "Where are we?"

"This my love, is you're future. One you have yet to live, but you're mind can't seem to accept it. You are afraid to leave the Island. So you created and alter world, one where you roam free," he tells me.

"Why don't I remember?" I ask him.

"Sometimes you get slight amnesia, the travel is overwhelming. When you're sadness over powers you, it causes you to forget," he replies.

"But I have dreamt of you, I, this isn't real," I begin to cry.

"Dance with me," his voice invites.

"You're name, is it Adam?" I ask him.

"Yes my love," He giggles. "Wow this time you're memory really took a spiral."

He took my hand, and piano music began to surround us. All I saw was him and I, it was as if everything else vanished. His arm felt like home, and I surrendered to his embrace.

I felt just like it did in my dream, or is this still a dream. I didn't care at the moment, I felt at ease for once in a long time. His lips infringed mine, and I melted like an icicle in spring. He twirled me around once more before laying me on the sand. He moved the hair from my face, and starred into my eyes.

"I love you Lola," his sweet words tingled in my ear.

If I was dreaming I never wanted to wake up, I wanted to spend eternity with him.

He lay beside me, and I buried my face into his chest. My head rose and fell as his breathes deepened. His strong arm blanketed my waist and I closed my eyes.

"Miss Jenna, are you OK?" I heard Oscars voice in the distance.

I opened my eyes, and I saw Oscar walking down the pier toward me. I was laying in the sand, and I was all alone.

" I know you said never to come onto the Island, but I have been calling you're name for twenty minutes," he continued."

"What?" I said jumping to my feet. "You were just here a few days ago."

"No ma'am, it has been two weeks and no word from you. I got worried and decided to check on you. I only brought the basics, I wasn't sure what you might need, " Oscar explained.

"Two weeks?" I repeated.

"Yes miss, are you feeling OK? Shall I fetch some help?" he asks.

"No, I'm fine thanks," I try to assure him. "I uh...I haven't needed anything. I'm sorry to have worried you, next time I will let you know."

He seemed to buy my story, and knew better to question me otherwise. I helped him unload goods he brought me, and them bid him good-bye.

" See you next week," I called as he set off for home.

I took the things up to the house and put them away, and then slouched down on the couch. My eyes darted to my computer screen, now full of words.

I hurtled toward the computer, and read the words. They described my trip through the mirror, the trip I thought was a dream. The date was indeed two weeks ago, but then where have I been all this time?

I inventoried the house, and every thing seemed to be in place. I walked into the bedroom, and stood in front of the mirror. I pierced my eyes into the eyes in the mirror, but nothing but stillness gaped back at me.

Even though I had apparently been in a coma for two weeks, I felt awfully tired. I pulled back the covers of my queen size bed, and crawled under the comforter.

The End

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