A ripple in timeMature

The sadness come more often these days, and love seems more far fetched. I'm a prisoner inside my own mind, and the sentence is life. I had created a log which I add an entry to every day, every day I have been here.

I was about to pass the dead line for my next novel, so I had to think of something phenomenal.  I sat down at the computer and stared at the screen. I breathed in the sea salt that drifted from the waters to my open window. I closed my eyes and visioned myself standing in the crowded New York Plaza, and I wonder what it would look like today.

My eyes flew open the an unfamiliar sound, and I rose from my seat to investigate. It was almost like thunder, but the weather appeared sunny and calm. I looked around, but saw nothing so I returned to my computer.

When I reclaimed my seat and looked at the screen once more, I was speechless. There were words, but words I didn't type. There was nobody here but me, I would remember typing such words.

"Tis' my love that soars upon clouds of the heavens, and tis' heart flutters with the birds."

" Lips of ruby red kiss the wind, and tis' you're eyes so beautiful I'm lost for words."

Though I would have loved to take credit for this divine word play, I know my fingers did not type them. I admit it was exciting, and frightening all in the same moment. The thought of someone else here on the Island, and with words so sweet only can I assume them male.

Quite possibly so it could just be my imagination again, then the reality sunk in. There was nobody here but myself,it had to have been me clearly. I inhaled the evening, and decided to sit at the waters edge to clear my thoughts. Night would fall soon, and the stars are amazing.

I placed the blanket I knitted myself on the warm sand, and I stretched out atop of it. First the unfamiliar sound, the the words on the screen. I could only come to the conclusion I was on the verge of another spell of hallucinations. This happened a few time in the past years, when things are to overwhelming. One might say its a coping mechanism for loneliness, the mind makes up a world imbedded deep inside the unconscious mind. A place of serenity and happiness, a place to feel accepted.

I watched the stars beam from above, and I made a wish. As my shooting star glided across the vault of night, I smiled hopefully. After a few more hours I decided it was time to return back to my novel.

Once I got settled in, I put on my solo piano station. It always help clear my head. I fixed myself something to eat, and then headed for the shower. I relaxed under the the warm water pouring over my body. After several minutes I exited the shower, and slipped on my robe. I stood in front of the mirror and stared at myself as usual.

Something caught my attention on the bed behind me, and I turned to see. There was nothing there, so I returned my eyes to the mirror. It was there again, and it looked like a single, long stemmed; red rose. I turned once more away from the mirror to the bed, but it was empty.

It was almost as if the mirror was starring into me, and not I into it. I placed my finger on the mirror, and beyond my comprehension it rippled like water. Then the image of the rose behind me disappeared, and I was more confused then ever. I leaned my head upon the mirror, and my whole body was yanked through the mirror.

I thought I was dreaming at first, but it seemed as if I was still on the Island. I was on the beach, but I didn't remember walking here. A mile down I spotted a boat, one I've never seen before. In a panic I ran into the leaves and trees, and peeked out at the boat. It was silent, and no sign of life.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I gasped. I whirled around to meet the face of a man, not just any man. He was the man I had been dreaming of for so long.

"I have been waiting here for you," his voice calmly whispered.

"Where am I?" I asked puzzled.

He smiled at me, " You're inside the mirror, you don't remember? You have been here several times before. It's been a while since you're last visit."

"I ...what? The mirror, but how?" I stuttered.

"Come let me show you," he said taking my hand.

The End

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