Sweet lullabyMature

I opened my eyes, staring at the piano I was learning to play via you tube. I didn't dream of my prince , in fact I don't remember dreaming of anything.  It was silent, and I assumed the storm had passed.

I raised the steel doors to find a beautiful rainbow hanging over the water. Encased with an angelica sun in the back drop. It was like a vision from heaven, or a exquisite painting.

I lifted from bed, and sat down on the bench before the piano. I lifted the covered , revealing the pure marble keys in all their perfection. I straightened my posture and placed my fingers in position, and began playing "My heart will go on" by Daniel Kobialka.  It was such a pleasing piece, specially to compliment the view I was blessed with.

Titanic was always one of my all time favorite movies. A love like that, how grand it must feel. I can only dream of having such passion one day. At the age of twenty three I still have time to decide, whether or not to return to civilization. Tryst me it has weighed on my mind, but so has the bad publicity. Not to mention digging up the rumors of my father, he is at peace now. I see it better to not stir things up. It's a small price to pay for everything he was to me, the best parent one could ask for.I finished playing, and the covered the keys again.

I needed a hot shower, and some food in my stomach. After both were out of the way I headed to the beach. I love the scent the rain leaves behind, everything is so fresh and rejuvenated.

The damp sand squished between my toes, and the wind blew my hair from my shoulders. I took a deep breath, inhaling all  that surrounded me.

Next week mark the two year anniversary of my arrival. It has felt like centuries out here in isolation. My appetite for true love grew as the nights turned to day.

The fervor of a mans hands upon my body, touching every inch of me. His fingers combing through my long hair as he kisses my lips. I have imagined the explosion erupting inside me, but as a virgin imagination is all I have. I contemplate us laying on the beach under the radiance of the night sky as he makes love to me slowly.

It's silly how shy I am, but I never really had a boyfriend to claim back in New York. I was always to busy helping father, and time slipped away in the blink of an eye. I don't regret the time I had, just wish it had been different.

I often ask myself why me? Why did it all have to happen to me? I never consorted harm to another being, so why was I paying the price? Why was I consumed by a never ending sadness? Banishing myself to a secluded island, and would I ever leave? These questions all managed to muster up every few months. At first it was once a week, but I learned to control the anger.

I needed to busy my mind, so I returned to the house for a movie. I lit all the candles and an incense before sitting in front of my computer. I must have been on the beach longer then I realized, the sun was already hanging low in the sky.

I set up the movie, transferred it to the big screen, and then made myself comfortable on the couch. I dozed off halfway into the movie.

His soft voice called to me as I walked along the beach, and I turned to see him. His green eyes cause butterflies inside my stomach. I walk towards him, and he toward me. As we connect paths he holds out his hand, and inside a diamond necklace. I take it from his hand, and he helps me latch it around my neck. His scent teases my emotions when he is so close to me, and it consumes my heart. I wrap my arm around his waist with appreciation.

He kisses my lips, and his tongue clashes into mine. I feel the tingle shoot up my spine, and a sensation of pure bliss overrun's me. I gasp, letting out a tiny moan as he caresses my breast. It caught me off guard, and I felt a little embarrassed, but he takes my hand and we walk along the beach.

We approach the waterfall on the other side of the island, and he leads me beneath it. The water's ambience  dribbles down my back, and he joins me. He begins to hum the sweet lullaby I was playing earlier.

My eyes fly open, and I can hear the static of the television. I sigh with delight as the last vision of him dims.

The End

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