I peered through the casement onto the beach, as the rain drops trickled down the glass house. It has been days since I have seen anyone, and I'm beginning to wonder if I have been forgotten.

It's hard to believe the accident was a mere two years ago. The day that changed my life in such a way, that I had the glass house built on a secluded island. The only contact I have with the outside world, is the islander that brought me supplies once a week. Time sometimes plays with my mind, and the days seemed more than they were.I backed from the bay and returned to my computer, as I was working on my latest novel. Under a fake name of course.

Being the daughter of the late millionaire Yohan Brooks had it's perks, but it got lonely out here sometimes. I had already decided I could never go back there, not after all that happened that day. How could I?

How could they all think I really had something to do with my father's death? I was the only one who stood by his side, even when the rumors on the Pyramid scam circulated. My father was far to wealthy to make promises he couldn't keep, and ample enough to expose anyone else who was.

My own twin sister Reyna turned her back on him when he need her most, and after that she no longer existed in my world. Nobody existed in my world, besides the ones in my stories.

The End

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