Into The Helix - Part 5Mature

DATE 29-03-07

I was listening to the radio after getting waking up at around seven thirty in the Jeep. It was the morning news, and probably the hundredth time I’ve heard the media call this pandemic the “Super Flu” since the beginning of the month. People were really starting to get afraid, and I wondered if maybe the fear was more dangerous than the virus itself. One thing I could say for sure is that it definitely had someone in the White House spooked, otherwise this place I was about to infiltrate wouldn’t even be here.

I got out of the Jeep and made my way to the camp. When I got near, I hid myself in the hills and observed. It’s not fun, sitting in the summer heat on hard sand, watching people scurry about. There were a lot of construction workers, moving in and out of buildings with all sorts of equipment. The thing that caught me off guard the most was that they weren’t trucking in the equipment. They were flying it in. One thing I wasn’t able to see the night before was that, parallel to the helicopter landing pad was a massive runway. Only one large plan landed today, but it carried ample amounts of construction material. The question, obviously, was why? Why would they need to fly it in. Why couldn’t they truck it in? The only answer I could glean from my hilltop observation post was that the material needed to remain safe. Safe and unseen.

I must have laid there for at least three hours before I desperately needed to hydrate. It was alright, I had found my mark anyway, a foreman. He never went into the military controlled portion of the compound, and that was fine. If I needed to get there, I’d find my way on my own. He was, however, working on some of the houses. I’ve done my fair share of construction as a kid. I’m sure the codes have changed, but now days it’s all pre fabricated anyway.

As I made my way back to the truck, felt something satisfying. I felt like I was making progress, and I felt more than confident that gaining whatever information Trevor wanted was about to get easier the more I sunk into this place.

I got to the truck just in time to watch another large plane fly overhead at a low altitude. They were C 17 Globemaster 3's. They were flying in from the north east. I let those thoughts trickle out of my mind as I started the Jeep and made my way back out of the valley. I’d be needing a few things if my current plan was going to work.

The End

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