Into The Fires Of Hell: Chapter 3

He leaped out of bed and ran to the window. He opened it and shooed the raven and looked up and saw two feet hanging off the edge of the roof. He ran up to the attic which had a roof window, opened the window and looked at the roof to find his worst nightmare. It was his father whose throat was cut and had several stab wounds. He was bleeding heavily and Cameron could tell from the expression on his face that he was dead.

Cameron screamed and ran to his phone and saw that he had no service so no emergency calls could be made. He hastily got dressed and ran to his telescope to look at Mr L. He was just walking into his house holding something in his hand that glimmered in the moonlight. Cameron ran out of his house up to Mr L's house and climbed over the gate and ran to the front door and began banging at it. A shape suddenly appeared in the window and Cameron was so frightened he was unable to move. All he had was a pen in his pocket, without even thinking he took it out of his pocket and lodged it straight into the man's eye. He turned around and ran toward the gate and tried to climb. But when he was nearly over he fell back and saw that the man was closing in on him. He began to scale the fence again and the man stabbed him in the leg, with a jewelled atheme.

He staggered home in agony and put a dressing on his leg and went to the attic window to find his father had gone; all that was left was a scorch mark on the roof in the shape of a man. Cameron ran to his room and looked through his telescope. He didn't see Mr L but he did see a raven standing on the roof of the Manor. Cameron ran to his bed and lay down, he was so exhausted he just wanted to close his eyes but was too terrified to, but eventually he drifted off.

He awoke to find his room filled with thick smoke that was coming through the window, he looked out of it to see Mr L's Manor a burned cinder with merely a frame left. He ran to his mum but found a scorch mark on her bed, just as he had with his father. He ran back to his telescope to see the manor and saw a news crew broadcasting there. He turned on the television and listened to the report.

"A fire broke out here at approximately 3 o' clock last night which burned this 15th Century house to a mere frame, however, a room in the house was found to have the remains of over 1000 bibles in it which had all been burned, it is thought the fire was started in this location. The owner of this house who is unknown was thought to have survived the fire, as no human remains were found at the scene"

Cameron looked back out the window to see a raven standing on the frame of the burned roof, he zoomed onto the raven to see it carrying a letter, but one thing about it was the strangest thing he had ever seen, it was missing an eye. The raven suddenly took off and flew toward Cameron's house, then the doorbell rung. Cameron walked downstairs to find a badly burned letter at the doorstep. Above it was the raven which flew away and burst into flames in mid-air. Cameron picked up the letter and began to read....

Dear Cameron

The world is an amusing place, some people are good, and others are quite the opposite. When you open a door or a window, you don't know what you might see, good or evil. I know you have been watching me what did you see, good or evil. Your parents' deaths were tragic, for you. For me though it was a thrill, and do you know what, you brought it on them. If you hadn't have watched me I wouldn't have taken their lives. You see how your actions affect others, think next time, or I'll come for you.

See you in hell.......





The End

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