Into The Fire Of Hell: Chapter 2

His dad called him to the table, so Cameron walked downstairs and sat at the table.

"So, what you think of the house", asked his dad
"Not much"
"Don't be disrespectful Cam; we spent good money on this house"
"So I've been told"
"You'd better not carry on this stupid act of yours"
"What act?! This is the worst thing you've ever bought"
"Right, that's it, upstairs now!"
"To the best room in the world", Cameron said sarcastically

So Cameron walked up to his room and sat at his desk, he looked out the window and saw an old man exit the manor, he guessed it was Mr L and looked through his telescope to get a better view. He looked quite sinister and wore a black suit with a purple bow tie. Suddenly Mr L looked up directly at Cameron; his eyes looked black with no colour. Cameron ducked under his desk in case Mr L saw him. After only a couple of seconds he looked back up again out the window. Mr L had gone, but where.

That night Cameron was bored in his room so went outside to sit under an old oak tree that was outside his window. He looked up at Mr L's house and wondered what he was like, was he a lonely old man who just needed a friend, or an old man who hates everyone and hides out in his house. He walked up to Mr L's house and stood outside the rusted iron gates. The house had a long stone drive with weeds poking out in lots of different places.

When Cameron was in bed that night he heard a load hoot and a tap at his window. He looked out the window to see an owl sitting on a branch of the oak tree. It was staring at him with its big yellow eyes, it wasn't moving, not even blinking, not even shuffling. Cameron walked up to the window and stared back at it, it was black and blended with the night sky so it just looked like two yellow eyes staring at him from the sky. Cameron walked back to his bed lay down and looked back at the window to see the owl flying away in to the sky.

The next morning Cameron got up, had a shower, had breakfast and went to Mr L's mansion to see it again in the light. The house was painted black and had huge windows in the top story with purple curtains. The front door had paint peeling off it and the window in the door was cracked. There was an outhouse in the garden with boarded up windows and a rotted roof. He saw Mr L coming out of the outhouse and hid behind the wall that surrounded his house. He was carrying a large book with him which looked like the bible.

Cameron walked home to see an ambulance outside his house, and a team of paramedics. He ran to the house to see his mum being wheeled away in a stretcher.

"Mum!", yelled Cameron
"Step away sir", said a paramedic
"But she's my mum"
"I'm sorry sir but you'll have to step away, she needs air"
"What Happened?"
"Talk to the man over there", replied the paramedic

So Cameron walked over to the man, who was pointed out and asked him,

"What happened?"
"Well before she passed out she told us a man in a hood came up to her and stabbed her with a jewel incrusted knife"
"When, How, What?"
"Don't worry sir she's in good hands"
"Thank-you", said Cameron trying not to cry

Cameron went to his dad who was sitting in the lounge and sat next to him, he was being silent. Cameron tried to speak to him but he wouldn't answer, so he went to the kitchen to make him a cup of tea.

A detective came up to him and asked,

"Have you taken a knife with jewels in it from the crime scene?"
"Have you seen one?"
"Oh god, thank you anyway"

Cameron went up to his room and looked through his telescope at Mr L's house; he saw a silhouette in his window of a figure cleaning something, but he couldn't tell what. Cameron kept an eye on Mr L all of that week and studied his every move writing it down in a log which he kept on his desk. Mr L was being rather shifty and hadn't left his estate since Cameron's mums stabbing. His mum was back at home now but wouldn't go in the hallway because she was scared of being stabbed again.

One night that week Cameron was lying down in his bed reading a book and once again heard a tap at his window. He looked up expecting to see an owl but saw a raven sitting on his window ledge. It was scraping the widow and kept pointing its beak up at Cameron's ceiling. He looked up to see a huge red stain in his ceiling, the stain began to drip. One drip went into his mouth and he knew at once that it was blood.

The End

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