Into The Fires Of Hell

This is a short story that I wrote for my English Coursework in 2008, I don't want to say too much about it, but just enjoy it ! :)

Do you ever get that feeling when you're sitting alone in a room, maybe it's a dark room and maybe it's light? The feeling that although no-one is there, you feel that you're being watched. You feel that someone somewhere is watching you and recording what you're doing. Now imagine the room, does it seem to get smaller, even though it's not. Does it get darker, even though it's not. Does it seem to get colder or warmer, even though it's not, or do your senses begin to improve so you see and hear things that aren't there.
Cameron was sitting in his bedroom piling things into different boxes. He could hear his mum shouting up at him, "Hurry up, we have to leave at 6". He and his parents had just bought a new house up state in Kansas. He was packing away ready to leave the house where he had lived for nearly 16 years and leave his friends, town and work for a new start.
When he was ready to go he piled his boxes in the moving van, got in his car and started to drive. After over 2 hours of driving the car pulled up at a large and dated wooden house. The house was painted red although most of the paint was peeling, the windows were dirty and had vines growing over them, the roof had slates missing and looked unstable and the porch that extended round the house was cracked and stained. The garden was vast and had short grass most of which had died and gone brown, there were a few trees most of which were old and withered and there was a pond with a thick layer of algae floating on it.
"So, what do you think", asked Cameron's mum.
"It's alright", replied Cameron "I've always wanted to live in a dump"
"Your father and I spent a lot of money on this house and I feel that we'll be very happy here"
"Wanna bet?"
"Oh stop being so sarcastic, I'm sure that once we settle in it will be fine"
"But just look at it, it looks like it's been victim to a bomb raid"
"Well a lick of paint should sort that out Cameron"
"Alright, if you say so"
"Now stop being so pessimistic, go inside and choose a room, but not the second one on the right, that's your father and I's room"
"OOOH the fun is truly beginning", replied Cameron.

So he walked through the front door and into a large hallway with a large staircase in the centre. He walked up the stairs and to the left and went to the end of the hall to a door; he opened the door and walked inside. He found himself in a big cold room with a small window in the corner out of which he could see a huge manor that looked very old and dilapidated. He decided to take this room because it had its own bathroom and walk in closet.

He walked back downstairs and went to the driver of the moving van,

"So you come here a lot", he asked
"No, not really, not many folk buy houses in this area"
"Why not?"
"Ooo I don't know perhaps it's the cold in the winter seasons"
"Oh ok, um who live in that manor up there"
"Oh that's the house of an old man; no-one knows his name, folk round here call him Mr L"
"What's the L for?"
"I have no idea"
"Oh ok, thanks for everything anyway"
"No problem, it's me job o'course"
After that Cameron walked back into the Hall where all the furniture was waiting to be lifted to all the different rooms of the house. After a long time of lifting and being ordered by his mum to move the position of the sofa countless times because it ‘wasn't right', Cameron moved up to his room to unpack his things. He moved his desk to the window and put his telescope on it and pointed it toward Mr L's house. His dad had just got to the house and was cooking dinner and the smell of beef was all through the house.

The End

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