"Your hands are shaking , are you afraid?"

The atmosphere surrounding him caused me discomfort, I wouldn't allow that to be known. At least I thought I wouldn't. I didn't bother to answer, that is how I'd been taught.

Opening my notebook, I pulled out the form with the usual questions. I made a big show of taking out my pen, truthfully, I wanted to be someplace else, I didn't know where. I just knew it wasn't here.

"What is your name?" His voice, seemed to vibrate deep down inside me. "I have many names."

It took away my thought process and I stood, a little to fast dislodging forms and pen.

I leaned down, retrieving the things I needed to continue this interview. I took my time, trying to regain some composure. I set the things back on the table and he smiled.

"Is this amusing to you?" He leaned back in his chair. I sat back down determined not to let him get to me, I had conducted many interviews, I was a professional.

"What is your place of birth?" I raised my head a little but kept my eyes on the paper.

"Excuse me?"
"You mean Romania?"

He put his hands on the table. "No little one, I mean just what I said Romagna." I wrote it down, no need to ask about the spelling, with his accent, it danced around in my head... Romagna, Romagna, Romagna.

"We can finish this part later, right now I'd like to ask you some questions."

I played with a thought for a moment. What if I just came out and asked the blunt question? Then, thought better of it and decided to stick with the classic plan. Get him to trust me, get inside his head.

"Tell me about your childhood?"
"No, you tell me about yours, are the wounds still open little one?"

I turned my back to him.

"Don't turn away, are you still frigid, still afraid, have you given yourself to any man yet, do you still feel the sickly touch of your uncle against your skin? When you see your mother do you think you see a sign of recognition sometimes? I can assure you, you do. She has decided to hide behind a feigned illness because she knows what a failure she was to you."

I felt the tears gather in the corners of my eyes, I told him to shut up. Some how, some way, I had to take control of the situation.

"This is not about me!" It was louder than it needed to be, but I had to bring it back to him.

"This is about you."
"Then you truly wish to know?  I shook my head and sat down.
"You have asked to know and so you shall, look deep little one, see the history of me."

Eyes green like the sea took me up into the sky, though I still sat in my chair. I saw many people. They surrounded a brilliant being. They stared lovingly, adoringly. Voices melodic and pure sang praises. Out of the midst of them I saw him. He stood in the presence of the being but he didn't stare lovingly, he didn't stare adoringly. I saw arrogance, envy, disrespect.

The scene changed to a garden, a couple naked sat and stared at a tiger. The man pointed and called the big cat. It came to him laying a giant paw on his leg. The woman got up and walked to the other side of the garden. She stopped and picked a piece of fruit off a tree. Then I saw him, but he was no longer a man. Now he slithered, up the trunk of another tree. He called to the woman.

Again the scene changed, he stood before the being, this time there were others standing with him. At the right hand of the being stood another, he raised a sword, called out a great sound and I heard the words:


When the scene changed again, I saw all the wars, pestilence, and famines that had occurred on the earth. I saw each and every leader from the beginning to now.

And then I saw...

I awakened on the floor of the dimly lit room, he was gone. The horror of the last vision made me vomit...

To be continued! 

The End

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