Jasmine finds out that something strange is happening to her body, it's dying, but SHE isn't.

Her hair ruffled in the breeze, the light loose strands flicking against the tree she was leaning against.  Jasmine sat in quiet contemplation.  SHe wasn't sure what she was conteplating, but was sure she was supposed to be contemplating something.  The tree felt nice against her skin, it wasn't warm or cold, it was just still.

Jasmine used to imagine she was a tree when she was younger; she would dig a small hole in the ground to fit her feet, plant them in, fill up the hole again and sway gently with the breeze.  When her parents pulled her out of the ground she would remain as stiff as possible, pretending to be a plank of wood.  Her parents eventually learnt that the quickest way to get her to snap out of tree-mode was to give her a big hug, she could never resist hugging back.

So now here she was, lying as dead as wood against a tree, waiting for Clem.

Clem's hair was reddish brown, with the fringe cut just short of her barely visible eyebrows, and hung down at the sides and back halfway between her long and thin neck and her shoulders.  She wore gold rimmed circular spectacles on her face.  Today she was wearing a red and black patterned coat done up with the ends of her hair tucked in.  She always put on makeup wherever she went so that she always looked like she had rosy cheeks.

Jasmine, on the other hand, never wore make up, she had never much undestood the point, but she was what other people would call "naturally pretty", she would never call herself this though.  Her pale (normally pale, but today even paler than usual) was in contrast to her dusky black hair, with a side-swept fringe to the right attached to her hair at the side with a white hair clip.  Her hair hung down a few centimetres past her shoulders.

Clem was a couple of inches shorter then Jasmine, and quite thinner.  She was often 'accused' of being anorexic, her vegetarianism somehow constituting as proof of this, but in truth she just had a fast metabolism.

Clem put her phone back in her coat pocket and zipped it up, after having checked what time the peculiar message she had received from Jasmine was sent.  It hadn't been long, about 20 minutes, but Clem couldn't see Jasmine at first, she should be near the tree about 10 feet away, but wasn't.  Clem walked to the tree to wait for Jasmine and then stopped walking for a brief one second, though shock (Clem rarely expressed shock through facial expressions), at the of realisation that what she had though was part of the tree was in fact Jasmine lying next to the tree.

She was wearing a light brown long sleeved jump that mostly covered her hands and still folded back at the ends, her hair was mostly covering her more-than-usually pale face.  The colour of her clothes had made her hard to notice against the tree, but not standing out was something expected of Jasmine.  There was another eason why Clem had failed to see Jasmine, she wasn't moving at all, not even a sleep-type not moving, Jasmine was deathly still.

Clem wasn't going to overreact to nothing and make a fool of herself though, so she calmy, but quickly, walked next to Jasmine and sat down next to her making a noticeable rustling sound on the grass and with her coat (her footsteps wouldn't have woken Jasmine if she was sleeping, Clem's footsteps were far too light).

Jasmine opened her eyes and blinked, the shifted her position slightly to something more like sitting up, and then turned her head around and saw Clem.  Clem breathed a sigh of relief inside, then immediately came to regret it as she was greated with a great big hug, oddly though, she hadn't seen Jasmine pull a big smile just before doing it as was usual.

Clem had tried to figure out what exactly would be the problem before ariving, but everything was too vague.  The text message had only said to meet here and that "something weird" had happened (Jasmine wasn't one for text-speak).

Jasmine let go of Clem and sat back, Clem noticed some tears on Jasmine's cheels, which made Clem feel guilty for how uncomfortable she probably looked after being hugged.

"What is it Jasmine?" Clem asked.  Jasmine looked around and behind looking quite paranoid and worried, then looked back.

"I-...  I think...", Jasmine realised right then that she didn't know how to say it, and that no matter how she said it Clem wouldn't understand or even take her seriously at first.

"Are you in love?" asked Clem.  She noticed people seemed to act like this a lot when they were in love.

"Wh-  no..." Jasmine replied.  Clem frowned confusedly.

"-...I think, I think I'm dead."

The End

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