Interracial Love

This story I wrote when I was watching a movie, "Cadillac Records". This movie inspires me to write about a white man falling in love with a black woman in the segregated world.

On a full moon summer night in the 82 degree weather in the city of Chicago. The 60's has not been so kind to this beautiful couple. Oh how can they ever be together when the world don't understand their love for each other? This man and this woman had to hide their feelings from others. What a shame! This decade stinks to high heaven. They met inside of the Brewer Room. Nobody was there except for these two love birds. This was a forbidden love. She was a very beautiful woman with a beauty of a voice that he just could not resist. He was a very handsome man with a big dream of owning his own record company. He held her in his arms. He smiled at her. He knew that she belonged to him, even though he belonged to someone else. He never cared about what the world thought of his love for her. He loved her. 

 He told her he loved her with his actions. She never felt like this towards him. The Brewer Room was dark, but romantic mood. The red and black tables and chairs that matches the red velvet couch. It was made just for them. She was standing there, looking more beautiful to him. She was wearing a black dress with black stockings and black stilettos. He looked into her beautiful brown eyes as if they were made for him. He held her close to him. He slowly caressed her face, and he knew his fingers were making her weak. Over and over again he stroked her chin. He told her, "I love you so much." "I love you too." she responded. She closed her eyes and allowed him to hold her in his arms. He moved his hands across her back. He picked her up, and carried her to the red couch. He laid her down, and began to kiss her all over. He loved the smell of her Chanel No. 5 perfume. She smelled his after shave, despite seeing his visible five o'clock shadow on his face. She slowly caressed his face and felt the tiny points from his growing beard. Then she run her fingers through his beautiful jet black hair. He knew within his heart that she belong to him.His lips touched hers. They kissed and their love spread like wild fire.

They made love all through the night. No regrets, no apologies. They both knew they belong together. "I love her." He thought to himself. "She is so beautiful. She's mine!" She looked into his pretty blue eyes, and felt so beautiful because of him. She felt relieved whenever he went near her. She felt like she was in heaven when his thick fingers slowly made their way toward her chest. Slowly, those same manly fingers moved towards her waist. Then toward her upper back as he unzipped her dress. He whispered to her with his masculine whisper that would weakened her even more. "I'll always love you." he whispered. 

They had to keep their love affair a secret. People in this decade wouldn't understand. They would try to separate them, talked them into breaking up. They would even try murder if this beautiful couple didn't break up. No! Not even their family and friends would not understand. He was in love with her. He had feelings for her. Strong feelings for her. He wanted to let everyone know about his love for her. But it's too risky. Too dangerous. So they decided to stay quiet about they strong love for each other.  

The next day, she sang to him. She felt the pain for him. He lost his company, but he didn't die because of that. He died because of the thought of leaving her behind. He'd rather die for her than to leave her. He was going to end his marriage to his wife of 20 years for her. To start his life with her. Hopefully, he would end up marrying her. But that will never happen, because he's gone. She is still grieving for him til this day.  This was a forbidden love. Not because he was married with children, but because he was a white man, and she was a black woman. They didn't care what their friends and families thought about their true feelings for each other. They were in love. 

The End

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