Chapter 50 - Corinne /and/ Richard

...Wordlessly Richard dismounted and helped Corinne to dismount as well. He tied the stallion to a wooden post half-buried in the sand nearby and took Corinne’s hand, leading her nearer to the sea. They stopped before the line of the tide and they gazed upon the sky.

Pink and purple streaks like the sun’s rays on those days when you could clearly see the lines; a background the colour of lemons which made other colours clearer. The occasional line of azure where the usual sky had not yet been consumed by the other colours of this wonderful sunset.

Below this the sea sparkled and shone, its hues alternating between indigo and deep green as the waves travelled across the mystical-seeming water.

“It is lovely,” Corinne murmured. “So beautiful.”

“Yes,” Richard agreed. “The scene is perfect.”

Corinne walked back towards the horse and removed from the saddlebags the dress she had brought which she would be much gladder to ruin than her wedding gown.

“Where should I change?” she asked, turning on the spot. She was shocked by the sudden appearance of Richard directly in front of her. It caused her to start.

“Behind the horse,” he murmured. “I shall watch for passers-by.”

Corinne smiled at him.

“Thank you.”

Richard surprised her by kissing her. But ... was she truly surprised? There was an intensity about this atmosphere which made you want to surrender to your heart’s desires.

When she had dressed she walked to sit on the ground where they had stood before. Beneath her skin the sand was warm and soft, almost more comfortable than her bed when she awoke in the morning and felt little desire to climb out from under the covers. Richard sat beside her and together they watched the magnificent sky, as stars began to appear and the vast expanse became dark blue.

At one point, though, their emotions grew too much in strength and the power which serenity held over them weakened. The pair looked at each other and their gazes focused; their expressions grew intent and their thoughts, though they could not have known this, became reflections as in a mirror. Richard slowly leaned down towards Corinne, his heart beating calmly in his chest as he acted with confidence, and Corinne up towards him, her heart slightly more fluttery than Richard’s due to her keen sense that an important event was about to happen: both could not have halted themselves if they had tried. Their lips met halfway between them and the kiss which spoke of greater forces than had been previously allowed into the pair’s lives began.

The End

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