Chapter 21 - Eric

Eric was amazed by Corinne’s attitude. It had been a rather risky move to tell her the truth - once again, he had acted on impulse, guided by sudden inclination rather than any form of sense or logic. But he had so hoped that he could convey a benevolent character by telling her the truth and show sincere feelings which might diminish the wrongness of his actions. And he appeared to have been right. Corinne offered him careful smiles during the breakfast which he cooked for the pair, which he returned with affection and coated with warmth.

“You are so pretty when you smile,” he told her - with utter seriousness - on the second of these occasions, which caused her to blush in an endearing manner and smile even more widely.

 Oh, the things he would do with Corinne. The places he would show her, the talents he would show off. Even now on the very first day he was beginning to plan their time together. Their days would be filled by the most wonderful moments he could create. And even if his love for her never found itself requited, what they would share would be better than anything he had ever experienced in his life. He felt sure of it. Already Corinne had proved herself to be as sweet and as lovely as he had imagined over two months ago and she could only grow warmer to him as he treated her in the way she had always deserved.

Eric felt as though his heart might burst with joy - and this was the effect of her mere presence in his home! He was excited at the relationship that he foresaw developing between the pair, though that didn’t stop him from remembering that he now had a duty to Corinne to right all of Richard’s wrongs. And that, Eric told himself sternly, meant stepping away if she did not want him, allowing her to make trips on her own, even giving her a potion that would cause her to remember all that she had forgotten should she decide she did not want this life.

Oh, yes, Eric must be careful not to let his love for Corinne interfere with the lady’s happiness.

But he was not worried. He could never see Corinne as a possession: she was so wonderfully... alive. And if he ever wronged her, he knew it would be a great betrayal of his heart as well as of her.  No, Corinne would be content here. Content as the ever smiling cat.

The End

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