A folder is being carried into an office. It is thrown on to
          a desk, and the man at the desk looks up. RODRIGUEZ looks up
          and opens the folder.

                              AGENT #2
                    Here Rodriguez. There hasn't been
                    any action from the Anonymous case.
                    Think we can file it away?

                    I don't know. Maybe. I'll look it
                    over and drop it by your office

          Agent #2 leaves the room and closes the door behind him.
          Rodriguez begins shuffling through the papers in the file as
          he begins reading.

                    (Inner Dialogue)This document is
                    the condensed evaluation by the
                    Federal Bureau of Investigation of
                    the attempted attacks by the group
                    calling itself “Anonymous” on a
                    girl named Catelyn Wilson.
                    The group called "Anonymous" is an
                    Internet-based, loose, yet enormous
                    network of internet pranksters and
                    hackers.  Anonymous signed up to
                    the Habbo Hotel site dressed in
                    avatars of a black man wearing a
                    gray suit and an Afro hairstyle and
                    blocked entry to the pool,
                    declaring that it was "closed due
                    to AIDS."  The group gained
                    worldwide press for Project
                    Chanology, the protest against the
                    Church of Scientology.  Members of
                    Anonymous gathered in front of
                    Scientology churches around the
                    world in huge numbers, wearing
                    Anonymous’ signature Guy Fawkes
                    mask, protesting the Church’s
                    supposed unfair treatment of former
                    members. Anonymous even hacked a
                    Times Magazine online poll for
                    "Times' Most Influential Person of
                    the Year", voting Moot, founder of
                    Anonymous' home imageboard site, as
                    the winner and spelling
                    "MARBLECAKEALSOTHEGAME" with the
                    first letter of the list's names.
                    Throughout 2009, Anonymous was
                    searching for a girl called
                    “Pocky.”  Pocky was a teenage girl,
                    now known to be named Catelyn
                    Wilson, who posted videos of
                    herself on  These
                    videos were messages to her friends
                    on GaiaOnline, an anime-based
                    social site.  She was very
                    hyperactive, perky, and eccentric
                    in these videos, and these videos
                    found themselves on Anonymous'
                    imageboards in March 2009.  Pocky’s
                    cute face and perkiness proved to
                    be a huge contrast to the
                    “hardcore” self-image of Anonymous,
                    and Pocky soon blanketed the dark
                    parts of the Internet.  Catelyn
                    herself, two years after the
                    creation of the video, found the
                    board and posted response videos
                    online, adding fuel to the fire.
                    Many of the older members of
                    Anonymous, seeking to maintain
                    their tough-guy image of
                    themselves, felt threatened by the
                    sweet girl’s antics posted all over
                    their imageboard.  Anonymous
                    members posted her face to anger,
                    or "troll," each other, and she
                    soon became a symbol of imageboard
                    posters who did not consider
                    themselves serious Anonymous
                    members.  The ensuing reaction to
                    Pocky’s explosive fame soon sent
                    Anonymous into a violent civil war.
                    A group within Anonymous calling
                    themselves the “Anti-Pocky Council”
                    formed, seeking to find the girl
                    behind Pocky and prevent her from
                    posting any new videos, by any
                    means necessary. The following is a
                    series of posts from one of these
                    Anonymous imageboards in which
                    details the series of events
                    resulting from Anonymous' eventual
                    finding of Pocky's identity.


          Brad is at his computer, lurking the Internets. His cell
          phone rings, and he exits the room and begins walking down
          the street.

                    (Inner Dialogue) sup /b/. I'm about
                    to tell you my story. Many of you
                    will call me a faggot, say that
                    these posts are too long, or that
                    this will all be an epic bel air.
                    It's not. Anonymous sent me on a
                    mission, to destroy Pocky's life.
                    The mission did not go as expected.

          Brad stops and stares at a car parked at the end of the
          road. He crosses the street and enters the passenger door.
          All_Your_Base is obviously taking himself too seriously.
          Brad's tone shows that he isn't sure that this all isn't a
          huge joke.

                    So you're All_Your_Base? Some big
                    Anonymous guy? You really have
                    "confidential information"?

                    There's been a leak, and we've
                    found something we have been
                    searching for for a year. I have a
                    mission, and you are at an
                    opportune proximity. Would you like
                    to take a stand for your fellow
                    Anons and cleanse the Internets?

                    What do you mean?

                    We have found Pocky. Her name is
                    Catelyn Wilson.

                    You mean you haven't found her yet?

                    We think she has been in hiding.
                    But someone has leaked her to
                    Anonymous. Now we need to confront
                    her and force her off the internet.
                    The sh*tstorm is over, but we need
                    to prevent any further bullsh*t.

                    So you want me to go threaten her?

                    It's up to you. We just need you to
                    say something that will keep her
                    away from /b/. False threats would
                    probably work.

                    I don't want to be thrown in prison
                    or something.

                    Just do something discreet, but
                    make sure it works.

                    This seems pretty ridiculous just
                    for one girl.

                    Yeah. But this one girl brought the
                    internet to its f*cking knees.

                    I guess I'll do it. Do I get paid?

The End

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