Internet GirlMature

The effects of Internet meme-dom on a girl's life.

          INT. YOUTUBE - OCTOBER 2008

          Music. Catelyn is preparing for the video. Adjusting the
          webcam, applying eyeliner, straightening her hair, applying
          eyeliner, applying more eyeliner. She takes a deep breath,
          then the camera changes to the webcam, and she begins a
          feverish, perky rant.

                    Okay, hi! So, my name is Pocky,
                    and, um, well, most of you know me
                    as Pocky, and, well, if you're
                    watching this you probably know me
                    as Pocky. Well, some of you might
                    know me as MoldyLunchBox, which is
                    my Gaia username on Gaia Online,
                    and, I told my Gaia Online buddy
           second, I'm
                         (shifts in chair)
                    Okay! So, I told my Gaia Online
                    friend, Addy, that I would make a
                    video just for him, so here it is
                    rawr rawr rawr rawr Addy I love
                    you! I love you I love you...Addy I
                    think I'm going to need a returning
                    video. I spent all this time making
                    this video and I'm going to need a
                    response. You're being very rude
                    you know, very rude indeed. You
                    know, I don't think many people
                    will find this funny I don't think,
                    but that's okay. Hmmmmmmm ADDY I
                    LOVE YOU RAWRRAWR. Like seriously,
                    like rawr status. Well, okay. If
                    you want me to make you a video
                    like this and you're my friend on
                    Gaia, just tell me and I will,
                    because I probably love you anyway!
                    So Addy, I LOVE YOU RAWR OKAY

The End

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