I don't know where I am. I should never have trusted him. I don't know why I fell for those ploys - the promise of funding, the encouragement, the lies upon lies.
But now I'm here.

Where exactly is 'here'?

I struggle to my feet and look out of the window - hardly any light.
We're out in dark space - the exact location is almost impossible to tell. But the room is warm.
My eyes adjust to the dim light - the room is metallic, but soft. A smart metal, but not like anything back where I came from. More advanced - like a solid liquid, a tough quicksilver. It can take my weight, but moves like sand beneath.

I can hear an engine - its a low throb, almost imperceptible.

But again, not many engines back home can be this quiet.

I stumble through the room, and managed to reach the wall, only to fall sickeningly forward into light...


The door dilated, and he fell to his knees. The strange mercurial floorshifted beneath his weight, and then reorganised itself.
Before him was a great circular console covered in esoteric dials and shimmring holographic gauges, and working at them was a strange man in a silvery longcoat.
The pilot seemed unphased by the unusual entrance, and merely ambled over to hoist him up before returning to the console.

"Who are you?" he asked, his strange voices echoing around the hall.
"D-Doctor Xavier Malmont. Inhabitant of Sol 3," he replied. The pilot grinned, a slight chuckle escaping his lips.
"You're a long way from Earth now, Monty," the pilot said. "In fact, current coordinates are 1E1740.7-2942." The doctor looked at him blankly as he glided to a button and pressed it, reveling a hologram of a great inky blackness before them.

"That is the Great Annihilator. Supermassive black hole. And we are about to fall in."

The pilot then flashed a wild grin, and slammed down a few levers - in response, the engine noise became a high pitched throbbing - and the room filled with golden light...

The End

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