Shock and AweMature

"Nothin' can get in or out without the right biodata. Fixed air supply, highly magnetized, Escher physics, the works. Several gravitational simulators activated if the bastard tries to move, and finally..."
The guard paused for effect, a small yet cruel smirk appearing on his face as he reached over to a small blue dial. Two gigantic coils either side of the metal cube flashed into life, and arcs of white lightning blasted the surrounding area, casting shadows the Faraday cage onto the two faces - one worn and battered, the other grotesque and flabby. A faint sound - almost as if the metal itself was shrieking - could be made out over the expolsive energy release.
"...Tesla coil based security. Let's see him crack this."
The two shared a cruel grin, and made the preparations.


"Wake up," came the voice.
He turned over in the corner of the room, his mind still bound by sleep.
"I said wake up, you son of a-"
The guard froze as the prisoner leapt at him, wrapping his neon bindings around his throat. He gazed into the eyes of the man who was choking him to death, his fingers just managing to reach the taser in his pocket.

A single blast, and the prisoner collapsed.

Ransom had been a bastard to deal with, but it was necessary. Con artist, cheat, murderer - Ransom Zero was Public Enemy No. 1, and now he was in trouble.
The guard dragged his unconcious body from his cell towards the metal cube, where the two coils stood ominously awaiting their captive. The guard quickly threw him into the cube, and slammed the lid shut. He ran back to the desk, closing the Faraday cage as he did so, and began to turn the dial.

Ransom's mind raced.
Self healing metal. No lining to the box, Tesla coils. So an execution. I fry, they sit there and watch. Unless...


The bolts of electricity stabbed through the air, striking against the cube as it became hotter and hotter, the metallic shriek louder than before.
The fat man then raised a hand, and silence took over. The room was dark. The guard cautiously opened the Faraday cage, and sliced his finger open, allowing a drop of blood to fall upon it.
The lid gradually opened again, and the guard peered inside to see the corpse...

...only to be met with a ragged fist to the face. He sailed through the air as the prisoner glided smoothly after him, tossing him towards the cube and slamming the Faraday cage shut before turning the dial.
An earsplitting shriek was unleashed, and within seconds, all that was left was dry ash.


The fat man grimaced. First, the problems with that skinny professor, and now a murderer on the loose. If the world were a kinder place, he thought with a smile, he would already have what he wanted.

But then, if he never had to fight for it, he would no longer be Francisco. And with that, his beady little eyes glimmered in the dim light of the shuttle as he made the descent.

Things were just getting interesting.

The End

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