A flash of sparks. Clashing metal. Fire. Air. Elemental in simplicity, formulaic in nature.
They were on the precipice.
The cavernous lab was illuminated by their work, their dark eyes gleaming with the possibilities to come from their labours. Soon, it would all be over, and the real task would begin. There were two of them - one, tall and gaunt: the other, short and fat, with glistening little eyes and a chapped snout of a nose.
"Are you sure this will work, sir?" whimpered Tall and Gaunt.
"Shut your trap, you little shit, and get back to wiring," came the gutteral roar of the shorter man, a trickle of slobber now hanging from his jowls. "If I wanted to be asked stupid questions every five minutes, I'd have programmed something to do it for me!"
He raised a hammer, and bashed at the console grid until it illuminated, glowing a soft purple from beneath the controls. His mouth contorted into a twisted grin, and his beady little eyes shimmered with greed.
Tall and Gaunt moved back a little, his face paler than before, and his hands shivering just a little from either the fear or the cold - he couldn't tell any more. He'd been underground for two weeks now, with no sun, no heat, and only a tattered lab coat for a blanket in the long 'nights'.
He hated this. But it was the only way he was going to get any recognition. He had no other options - it was 'work with this oaf', or 'die penniless and very soon'. At least there was food down here. It was usually a variation of rat, but it kept him alive.

And then it happened.
He was shook from his reverie as the machine began to shudder uncontrollably - the console board in the hands of that tubby maniac as the purple light coalesced and compacted into a more understandable format.

She opened her eyes for the first time.
Everything seemed to burn into her head - she watched as time shifted in front of her.
What was this? What were these things?
They were moving closer - shadows in the dark, grim figures - portents of things to come.

"Excellent work, my boy," came a low growl, "excellent. I love it. Whaddya call it?"
Tall and Gaunt paused a moment, then allowed his lips to curl into a weak smile. He knew what this meant, and now he knew exacty why this brute had chosen his machine.

"We'll call her Lola."

The End

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