Intel Fail ♦ ♦ ♦ Jai and Maat

It was much better to distract her with humor than to dwell on the pain in his arm, he decided, and smiled up at her, satisfied that he'd finally managed to break the ice, so to speak. She appeared so concerned over a stranger; it was refreshing.

Jai did as her hands instructed him, leaning up so she could easily get to the cuffs. At her words, his tongue ran over his teeth before lips pursed, determined to keep his flirtatious reply to that under wraps - for the moment at least - so that she could concentrate on fixing him up. Plus, it was never a good idea to make a woman with access to sharp instruments angry.

Dark eyes watched her motions carefully as he attempted to keep up a poker face. Absently he wondered if she'd had any medical training, because if not, she was a natural. It had been a long time since someone else took care of him, and the feeling was strange, but soothing. Well, except for the sharp pain along his arm, of course.

Curious brow raised at her comment. Aha, so she was up to the task of flirting, and the ball was now back in his court. With a simple nod and restrained smirk, he began undressing as alluring as one could with an injured arm. Eventually jacket and shirt were thrown aside, revealing the most subtle of flexing that Jai could manage. "I'm all yours," he half whispered, brows raising ever so slightly.

No, it wasn't just a graze. It was a bit more serious than that, but not enough to require an immediate trip to the emergency room. Jai was used to these kinds of things. He knew she could handle this, couldn't she? "Let me guess - you're a doctor... or nurse? No need to worry though, I've been shot worse before." The tone wasn't one of bragging, but of trying to ease her worrying. 

The End

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