Intel Fail ♦ ♦ ♦ Jai and Maat

Jai had seen that eyebrow raise before, but it didn't phase him. He'd rather see that than her freaking out any day though. In fact, she was the opposite of freaking out, luckily for him.

Out of danger, there was time for small talk. "Mati," he repeated, still attempting to catch his breath and play his wound off as though it was a paper cut. "You got it, angel... I mean, Mati." Unusual name, but so was Jai, so he didn't think much of it other than it was pleasant sounding.

Once inside, Jai began to make his way to the liquor cabinet. But that little detour was put to an abrupt halt when he felt the warmth of her hand on his shoulder. As if an obedient puppy, Jai was led over to and sat down in the chair without protest. "Oh yeah, the keys. Um, the nightstand...?" he mumbled to himself before remembering. "No wait, there's a secret compartment under the television. They should be in there along with extra guns and ammo."

When she returned with the keys, Jai looked up at her with an almost innocent expression. Almost. "You know, a woman doesn't usually have me in these until the third date." The cuffs jingled behind his back as he continued to put on a brave face at the pain in his arm. "Lucky me, I guess."

Then a pause. "Seriously, thank you again, Mati."

The End

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