Intel Fail ♦ ♦ ♦ Jai and Maat

Her attempt to lighten the situation didn't go unnoticed, and managed to momentarily distract Jai from the pain as he gave her a sideways glance along with a smirk. "They've already done enough to my suit, but I made sure to return the favor before I left." And then an even wider smirk crossed his face. "Even with my hands cuffed, I can cause quite an explosion... or two." Of course, he couldn't resist adding in a playful wink for innuendo.

Once they'd arrived, he pointed her in the right directions via nodding and soon her car was through the gate, hidden from outside view, and they were inside, seemingly safe and sound for the moment. As he led her to the elevator, it was time to catch his breath and find out a little about the woman he now quite possibly owed his life to. "Thank you again. You can call me Jai. Not agent or 007, just Jai. And you? Should I call you by your superhero name or will you let me know your secret identity?" Inside the elevator, he turned to push the correct button behind his back and despite the pain in his arm, gave her the most thankful, bright smile he could muster.

The End

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