Intel Fail ♦ ♦ ♦ Jai and Maat

Although thankful for her ability to fly into action on a moment's notice, it was a little surprising, a little too smooth. Perhaps his luck was turning around? Perhaps he'd accidentally jumped into a car with Black Widow? All that mattered right now was that he could finally sigh with relief before straightening up in the seat. "Thank you," he breathed out as neck craned to ensure they weren't being followed.

"I got some bad intel. Before I knew it, I was surrounded and they captured me. This is going to sound cliche, but it was the Russians. That's all I can really disclose right now." Normally he'd be reloading his gun, but it'd been taken from him before they'd tied him up. "I escaped, but was spotted at the last minute. I ran and used every shortcut I could. And here I am." Turning to her, he gave another smile, this time of gratitude. "Boy, did I get lucky... that you were there."

For a moment, he glanced around in thought, face serious as he attempted to remember something. "There's a safe house nearby. We should go there. I need to go there," he finished with a wince, not able to keep it a secret any longer. "A bullet grazed me on the arm. Not sure how bad it is, but I thought I could walk it off for now. Apparently not. There'll be a medkit along with an extra encrypted phone and keys for these cuffs at the safe house. It's just a few blocks away. Please?" If she agreed, he'd tell her the directions and the code to the back entrance to pull her car into, out of sight.

The End

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