It is a short story of a man who has got himself in a little to far into the delusions of his mind and imagination.


I have been lonely for so long...

My trek turned into an aimless stroll. I come searching for utopia. This beautiful island lured me in. You could say from the outside it is the most magnificent untouched, unexplored island you have ever seen. But once you get in, as I am. There could be nothing worse. An enigma. Mystery has never scared me. But the creaks, echo’s and murmurs once the sun is swollen by the sea and turns the sky black is the most dreadful experience. I sit awake with home-made tools and hurl my spears at any threatening noise. I am deprived of sleep. Days, weeks, months blur together. Do not ask me how long I have been here for. Sunlight sooths me, darkness dismantles your sight, removes any assurance you once had. Any tickle, any itch, any bite I feel on my body can kill me. I will fight, fight for my life. But in this darkness I cannot defend myself entirely. There is an abundant amount of rain it removes any hope for a fire. I’m not me anymore, I’m just a caveman.

LIGHT! LIGHT! It’s intensifying. It’s blazing, luminous... its dazzling... Is this?.. Is this the end? My vitality, pulled and tugged from me! I let out shrieks. Calling anything to help me. Save me!

Abruptly everything stops. I’m sitting in this blinding light. I’m boxed in. Where is my forest? Where am I? I can’t move my arms, I’m adhered to this position. I wail, howl and screech! The wall is moving. Why is the wall moving?! Someone is intruding. I can hear them, the voices! They are coming! I’m looking for my spears frantically. I can’t move! Everything is white and padded. I see him, he waltzes into my space. All dressed in white. Is this god? Is this what heaven looks like? He walks over to me, and stares at me. Like he is better than me! Who does he think he is! I growl! He pulls and tugs at me. I look down at my body... Why am I restrained?..

“It is time for your dose Mr.”  
I shut my eyes tight and tense every inch of my being. Ready for whatever this ‘dose’ is. I whimper as I sense this man dressed in white surround me. I feel something puncture my skin. He has complete control over me. I feel an alien substance enter my blood stream, my heart working faster and faster. It only spreads this substance quicker!

I’m released. They’ve let me go. I’m calm as my soothing light grows around me and my forest reappears, but no darkness. I’ll sit and wait isolated, listening to the gentle noises of the stream. Waiting for the darkness to return, followed by the horrendous blinding light.

The end.

The End

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