Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Thirty Two.Mature

                           "Vampire City, hm?" I folded my arms, expectantly. Like hell he can deny it from me now.

                            "Faye, before you yell at me and hack me into tiny pieces with an axe, I want you to know why I kept Valnor a secret." Pfft. I'm more of a ... chainsaw kinda gal. His face pleaded with mine to let him have his say. A defeated sigh passed my lips as I nodded briefly.

                             "I was worried; You've not been here long and ..." He hesitated, sheepishly. "I wanted you to at least have some confidence and trust in us before we could take you anywhere. Valnor is a big city, home to hundreds like me." Luke raised his hand to my cheek, gently stroking it with his thumb. That one simple touch could still cause a warm heat within my chest.

                              "I didn't want you to be scared of our kind. We're not all the monsters we're portayed to be," He whispered. "Shockingly, considering the evidence from downstairs." The evidence being Blake, of course. I felt nervous, even now, leaving the boys with him. He had been silent - frozen, like a statue - when we left to go upstairs. He could snap at any moment, unstable and uncontrollable.

                                "He needs help, you know," I turned inwards, his palm cupping my face. "We can't leave him like that."

                                "Yes, I understand that. I don't know what to do though ..." His eyes fell to look at the floor. "He nearly killed you. He was sent to hunt you down, for heaven's sake!" I immediately closed the space between us, hugging his trembling form. Since what happened, he's becoming more prone to getting angry with himself, I realised.

                                "But he didn't. There's no need to put any blame on anybody, because nothing extremly harmful was done. Besides, it's all Cyro's fault in the long-run." I laughed weakly, despite there being no humour intended at all. Suddenly, he stiffened. What? Luke looked up at me, but as if he wasn't seeing me. For a minute, he was completly enveloped in his own thoughts. I began to panic but it soon dawned on me where I had seen the glazed, distant expression before.

                                "Luke? What can you see?" He didn't respond. Without knowing what else to do, I gripped his shoulders and shook him. He blinked several times, looking rather confused - his vision was over, however.

                                 "What happened? Do you want me to get someone?" I made to run past him and call for help, but he caught my hands and pulled me back.

                                 "It's okay, I'm alright. No need to fuss."

                                 "You must have seen something ... can't you tell me?" I asked, uncertainly. Maybe ... maybe he just doesn't want to tell me, instead of can't.

                                 "No, that's not it. Honestly, it's nothing to worry about," He smiled, towering above me. He leaned down to kiss me on the forehead. "I'm going to sort out a space for Blake to stay. You're right, he needs help and we're the only people who can give it to him. Go to bed, sweetheart."

                                 Under any other circumstances, my stubborn nature would have glued me to the spot and order me to stand my ground. Unfortunately, my body wanted otherwise. Sleep was inevitably what it desired the most. In response to his request, I turned on my heel and quietly headed for my room.

                                  "Faye?" Luke's voice made me turn back slighty. "Would you ... like to sleep in my room tonight?" A faint pink blush stuck out from his pearl white skin, while a smile appeared on mine. I nodded; He flashed his cute boy-ish smirk.

                                   "I'm still mad at you for keeping Valnor from me." I called to him, before he could speed down the staircase.

                                   "I know." He chuckled, winking cheekily - finally; a shred of normalcy. Then he was gone. He's so lucky that I think he's adorable.

                                    Walking towards Luke's bedroom door, the bikini-clad woman staring at me seductively upon the poster, I tried to supress the thought that creeped into my mind the moment he had said 'It's nothing'.

                                    He's lieing to me. Again.



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The End

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