Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Thirty One.Mature

Blake P.O.V

    Why haven't they killed me?

    It could have been all over. Instead, they tie my wrists and ankles and stare at me. What are they waiting for? ... Torture?

     'The Vampire's against me, us, don't care about their prisoner's fate; torture, and dispose of, that's all they do. Unlike our side - yes, pain is sometimes neccessary but we offer choices. We are better.' Yes. That's what Master says. I might have only minutes before I'm no longer needed.

    The Red-head is the most irritant. He just won't stop staring. What do I awake to? Those blank, weak eyes. Never ending. I would much rather prefer those of the girl ... It ws because of her that I am now here. During the fight, her sobs grew more and more anguished. I merely turned to see her face. What followed was a blur of another body crashing into mine and then the darkness settled in.

        Where could she be?


Faye P.O.V

       A pair of blood red pupils immediately shot up as Damien and I stepped cautiously through the doorway.

     He reminded me of an animal. At least Damien, Luke and Jamie possessed a grace of sorts, an obvious pride to be of their race. However, compared ... he was wild. A caged monster. Luke's firm hand guided me to sit beside him, opposite Blake. His arm wrapped around my shoulder.

     "Has he said anything?" I whispered. Even if he can't (or won't) speak, it doesn't mean he's deaf.

         "Not a word. Then again, I haven't asked him anything yet. Report, Jamie?"

        "It appears he was on his own. From what I've seen."

          I jumped slightly in suprise - I hadn't heard him come in. His cheeks were pink and the occassional shiver coarsed through him.


       "Just a tad. Cold enough for a Vampire to notice, anyhow."

        Jesus; it must be. The thought of it persuaded me to cuddle in closer to Luke. Or perhaps it was Blake's unblinking gaze, fixed on the two of us. Deep, grey circles lay under his eyes, his features hollowed. His clothes were no more than tatters of black fabric, clinging to his chest and legs. He didn't seem to give a damn. A nasty looking slash, recent, was above his right brow but it was already healing. At a slower rate than I expected from an immortal. It had trandformed into a sore, scabbing line. If touched, I'm positive it would feel similar to the scar that stretched across Luke's back ...

       Luke stood from our half - embrace to crouch in front of Blake. Not too close, but enough to block me from view. He needed his full attention.

      "Blake? Can you remember who I am?" No answer. Not even a short acknowledgement that he was even there.

      "Blake, who sent you here?" Luke's voice was gentle but authoritive. Yet, still no response. "We're not going to hurt you. We want to help." And I truely believe he did. He edged closer, on his toes. His crouch didn't waver and neither did his eye-contact.

       "Well, I remember who you are. You used to live here, before you dissappeared." That triggered a reaction. His head cocked to one side, his eyes narrowing in concentration.

      Or hostility ...

    "Blake? You remember that? You, Damien, Jamie and I. We used to share a room. You loved music just as much as I did ..."After each small detail, each fact about how life used to be, Luke moved further until they were millimetres apart. Oh, be careful. I don't care if he's bound, be careful.

     "What happened to you?"

     Completely unexpected, Blake lashed out; he snarled, baring long and deathly pointed fangs, struggling against the cords. He flung his shoulders from side to side violently, growling. He was too fast - he clipped Luke's jawbone in the frenzy. I couldn't retain myself.

      "Leave him alone!" I screeched and in my rage, shoved Blake backwards. How I managed was a mystery to me. He was dangerous. And had pissed me off to my limit. Luke sat, open-mouthed as I shouted once more.

       "What is it that you don't understand about us wanting to help? Hmm! They could have killed you if Luke hadn't took over! Sit your ass down and don't you dare touch him again!" Calm down, girl. It sure as hell felt good to give him a taste of his own medicine but no need to go overboard. I breathed slowly and counted to ten, but my question came out as a hiss, "Who are you?"

         "Blake Noires."

         I blinked at his slumped figure, for once a solid emotion on his face; it mirrored Luke's. The raspy, although masculine noise that slipped from his mouth were the first words I had ever heard him say. I turned to see Damien in the background, twirling his fingers in a circular motion - urging me not to stop.

         "Why were you in the woods?"

          "I was told to go there and search the border."

          "Border of where?" I couldn't avoid feeling suprised over how willingly his answers followed. I mean, all  did was yell at him!

          "The border of Valnor, the Vampire City." Wait ... Vampire City? There's a whole city out there? Suddenly, the wierd, hypnotic lights I had seen began to make a little sense. Oh, those boys have some explaining to do ...

           As if to almost emphasise that statement, I turned again, facing Luke. He had recovered and now looked like what could only be described as a schoolboy that had been caught out.

          "You. Me. Talk. Later."

          "Yes ma'am." Amazing. In a matter of minutes, I had taken control of the whole situation. It would probably fade afterwards, so I might aswell use it wisely. Back to Blake.

          "Told by whom?"

           "Master." His tone brought chills into the room. It was so ... helpless. Trance-like. Doting on that one word.

           "A name would be handy."

            "He never gave his name. He never does." There was only one person who I believed to be self-centred, sick, pathetic enough to want to be known as 'Master'. If you could even grant him the honour of being a person. I softened my interrogating.

             "Did he give you a reason to search the Valnor border?"

              Like you don't know exactly what it was.

              Oh, perfect. Now you're back.

             "To find the girl of Half-Blood."








The End

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