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    I attempted to distract myself but my focus always landed on the motionless figure on the couch: Blake. It seemed hard to believe Luke and this boy had been Best Friends when he was restrained this way. Both wrists were tied with a 'special cord', constricting his hands behind his back. Jamie explained the Vampire's weakness being wood and how the cord had been infused with Willow. His feet were bound the same.

   The sympathy was clouded by a sense of fear though. I had been chased down, nearly killed by him. If it hadn't have been for Luke, it might have been too late. I didn't want to dwell too much on that.

   However hard he tried to cover it up, I knew this was having a major effect on Luke. From even the smallest of signals.

   At the moment, he was simply stood by the door, lost in his own thoughts. The cuts and scratches had dissappeared from his arms and face and now the only visable sign of a brawl was a tear in his sleeve and the dirt on his jeans.

    Because of the atmosphere and the situation, I found it not to be the best of times to tell the guys that something other than Blake had been brought back from that clearing. When I had screamed for help in my mind, I had been desperate. Desperate enough to resort to my power. I didn't know what to do, but Luke needed back-up. So, I sought out Damien and Jamie. Literally. They were in the house, which is what I had pictured. And, oddly, it was almost like ... I could feel their presences. Then I screamed. Since then, can do it at will.

    Automatically, I could feel where they were. I thought I was strange enough. For example, Jamie sat on a large branch belonging to an old Oak tree, just next to the house. His aura - Yes, I know, it's a cheesy phrase - seemed fuzzy and difficult to keep track of. I guess I assume that is due to his 'Chamaeleon' abilities. He had been asked to watchout for others; to define whether Blake had been alone or had strayed from a whole troop.

     Damien patrolled the garden and from what I gathered, the job was barely half-hearted. Something was definately bothering him, yet he carried on. The responsibility to go outside and offer advice was inescapable.

    "I don't want to be a pain in the ass but could you stay inside with me? At least until Jamie gets back with a report." My intentions must have been noticable. Well, he'd said something.

    "Oh Luke, don't worry ... you're always a pain in the ass." The cheekiness succeeded in drawing out his smile that I had been missing.

   "True. But," He slowly made his way over to where I stood and wrapped his arms around my waist. "The prospect of you running into anymore threats worries me. It seems that wherever you go, your safety is at risk."

    "That's not entirely correct." Right now, I felt the safest I had ever been. Nothing could burst the protective bubble that formed as soon as Luke held me. Although ...

   "Please? I want to talk to him. See if there is anything I could do." As he was a number of inches taller than my five foot seven stature, I had to look upwards to try and catch his gaze. Men; they're all giants. Not that that is an issue - in my opinion, taller guys attract me the most. There is always that feeling that because of their height difference, you can't help but feel looked after and in capable hands. And the fact that Luke is a Vampire - that contributes. Strong, fast, agile. Add a pair of black sunglasses and a smart suit? Voila. Supernatural Securityguard.

    Ugh, my sense of humour has deteriorated since I have been here. Becoming increasingly rediculous.

    "I think I'd look quite sexy in a suit. Not so sure about the sunglasses." His normal attitude was definately shining through now. Due to my benefit or my actual intervention, I do not know.

    "You can't get rid of the sunglasses, they complete the whole outfit!" I protested. He sighed, drastically, but then let out a weak chuckle and rested his cheek on the top of my head.

    My heart involuntary skipped a beatm unfortunately not an effect of Luke's tender touch. Blake's leg twitched in his unconscious state, dragging us straight back to our current problem: What will happen when he wakes up? Luke had been adamant that killing him was not an option. But, what else could there be?

     This was another reason to leave the room. Blake was a part of Luke's past, not mine. Just standing here felt like an intrusion.

   "So, what is your answer? Can I speak to him or do I have to stay here?"

   He stared down at me, just looking. This once, I wouldn't mind being able to hear what he was thinking. A smile appeared shortly afterwards.

"Well, it's not like you have ever listened to my requests before. Why change your habits now? Go on, go do whatever you need to do. I'll still be here when you come back." I beamed, my arms slipping their way around his neck to kiss him before closing the door behind me, and walking through to the Garden. Damien sat on an elaborately carved wooden bench, vines snaked around the legs. The moon hung high in the sky, illuminating his profile.

      "Hey." He most likely knew that I was already there but I whispered nonetheless.

      "Oh, hello Faye. Aren't you supposed to be inside?"

       "I have been let off my leash to come and annoy you." I took a seat next to him, crossing my legs in a comfortable manner.

      "Judging by Luke's reluctance to let you out of his sight previously, this was your idea." He seemed amused - this was a good start.

     "Indeed and I am shocked that you thought otherwise. Now, what's wrong? Don't tell me it's nothing because I am a woman of intuition." After the awkwardness of the past days, going for an answer outright was my only choice.

     "You never miss a thing, do you?"

     "Possibly one of my only natural talents. Answer my question."

     "Alright. If you must know ... I have been arguing with myself over whether or not you hate me." He spoke so fast that I wondered at first if I had heard him properly. I turned to him, confused.

     "What? Why would I hate you?"

     "My behavior for starters. Perhaps if I hadn't lost it yesterday you wouldn't have gone outside on your own. It was my fault and i'm truely sorry."

    "Actually ..." I picked at my cuticles; a nervous habit of mine. "It had crossed my mind earlier. Not because I really wanted to leave you guys. In all honesty, I'm simply too nosy for my own good. And I need to learn to think before I act." I could tell he was about to assure me that the blame was all his so I interrupted quickly, "That also applies to mine and Luke's relationship. I didn't think it would cause such a row between you. Of course, you must have had reasons."

    "Petty ones at that. All I wanted was to help you settle in. To make sure you were happy,"He had done exactly that. He thought of everything. "Luke has not had a good past with 'love' though. He took what he wanted but this was how we accepted him. The real reason I snapped was because I thought he would do the same to you. You are an important part of us now and the thought of you hurt is ... horrible. I can understand why Luke was upset after searching your memories." I nodded softly for him to continue. I was a bit scared that if I said something stupid he would stop.

    "You being hurt is one thing. But being the source of it? Or partly, in Luke's case. He felt disgusted with himself, He must have - that's how I felt."

     Finally knowing why Damien attacked Luke shed some light. Me and my shallow-self thought that Damien loved me like Luke does. But all it had been was a brotherly, protective, caring gesture. I was so relieved I could have hugged him to death. As he was already technically dead, hugging him until he said 'ow' would have to do."

     "Why are you squeezing me?"

     "Because I can. Thankyou for looking out for me Damien. None of what happened was your fault and just to make things absoloutly clear; I could never hate you."

     "Luke is lucky to have you, ya know. Beautiful, sweet and the kindest person I have ever met. And, dare I say it, you've helped him grow up."

       "I suppose. Although, I'm sure he would prefer to remain immature for a little while longer." Damien laughed and so did I. Life had taken such a serious turn in the last few hours - it was nice to just have a giggle. Our laughter was soon cut short.

      Damien would have noticed it easily because of his senses but I think it was I that realised first. One minute, all was quiet - the next, my newest ability detected something different. Something dark. Back in the house, within the walls of brick and mortar, something else stirred. Or someone.

     "He's awake."







The End

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