Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Twenty Nine.Mature

Faye Adams P.O.V

All I could do was burst into tears and sink lower into the dirt as Luke battled against the other Vampire. I had been so close to deaths door, yet this just seemed worse. I wanted, needed to help but ... how can I? I'm supposed to be like them, but all I am is weak.

Luke was thrown onto his back and the gasp of pain that followed made me sob even harder. I have to do something ... anything ...

He needs help. And there are only two people I know that could. With the last ounce of will-power that I had left, similar to the garden incident, I shouted in my head. No - screamed.

Damien! Jamie! HELP!

Luke was back on his feet again, pummeling his opponent further backwards until they became locked in a ferocious struggle. I was finally seeing what a true vampire's wrath could hold. But I couldn't controll myself; I cried out desperately. It was probably torturing Luke to hear me this way but I was way past hysterical.

Hysterical enough to grab the attention of the Vampire. His eyes gleamed, lighting the entire wood. However, it was the same expression that I caught. Confused, puzzled. Until he was knocked to the floor.

Luke bent down, roughly pulling the Vampire's hair aside. He whispered something, one word but I was too far away to hear and too tired to guess. When he looked in my direction finally, there was only one way to describe him.

It was like he had just seen a Ghost.

We both knew what we needed; I crawled over to him, and he dropped to his knees to wrap his arms around me. He was covered in shallow slices to his skin, already knitting themselves back together.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry ..." The whispers were lost in the wind.

It wasn't long before Damien and Jamie appeared in the clearing, silent as always. It was Jamie that walked towards the attacker first, examining the horizontal figure, battered and bruised. Damien of course, headed straight for me. There was no sign of hostility to Luke - just relief that I was okay.

"Thank god you weren't hurt. Do you realise how that could have ended? One thing you don't do, is go out on your own!" Jesus Christ, he sounded like my mother. He has a point though.

"Damien, she's learnt her lesson. Now are you gonna help me get rid of this guy or not?" Jamie asked. Oh, I've learnt ...

"You can't get rid of him."

I looked up at Luke; his eyes were empty, haunted. What's wrong? He only looked down at me briefly, then turned to Jamie.

"Tie him up. Or carry him. But he has to come back with us. Now."

"Why? The decent thing to do would be to kill him. We're not torturers, Luke."

Luke ignored the protest and lifted me into his arms, cradling me. I buried myself into his chest, clutching at him, afraid to ever let him go.

"If you hadn't realised, that happens to be my Best Friend lieing on the ground."



The End

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