Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Twenty Eight.Mature

Luke P.O.V

"Faye! MOVE!" I bellowed, before launching myself at the Vampire's bare back. Why he had hesitated wasn't clear but I wasn't going to wait until Faye became the meal. He was going to hurt her - and for that, there was no doubt; I was going to kill him.

I knew something was up when I left her room. She was so quiet and staring into her own world, but I never thought she would have done this.

I should have taken her outside before. Maybe then at least she could have been safe, protected.

My hands pinned the attackers body down to the ground, both of us struggling to gain power. I couldn't see his face properly, with the matted hair but what did that matter? He'll have no face when i'm finished with him, the evil ...

A sharp kick to my gut sent me sprawling across the ground, almost tipping into the river. I heard Faye scream my name as the Vampire tackled me, his hands wrapped around my throat. He was strong, stronger than I anticipated. But I'm stronger. The image of Faye dropping, defeated and scared increased my rage to the point where nothing mattered aside from destroying the creature that caused her so much grief.

He pressed his weight down onto me, crushing me. I cried out as the rocks underneath us jabbed into my back, triggering shots of hot pain through that damn cursed scar. That's when I lost it.

My vision was red and an animalistic snarl roared from my lips; I violently head-butted him, awarded with a loud crack. A broken nose is the least of his worries. He fell backwards, my perfect chance. I hauled him up by a fist, and with my other, punched his jaw.

Luke? What's going on? Where are you?

Jamie? Get down into the woods, the mouth of Cyprux River! Go, quickly! I can't handle this guy on my own!

We were wrestling now, grabbing at anything that could be an advantage. I dropped to a half-crouch, sweeping my left leg to try and cut off his balance but he leaped over me and counter attacked with a powerful backhand.

Jamie and I are nearly there, is Faye alright?

Well, I didn't expect Damien to be talking to me so soon. I guess because Faye is involved, he doesn't care. I know how he feels.

Hurry! And yes - A punch to my eye; I barely noticed. - She's - A knee in the balls for him. - Fine!

I could smell them now, only yards away. They need to get Faye out of here. She's in enough danger. I will not be responsible for even more. Although my sight wasn't set on her, her sobs were the loudest sound ringing in my ears.

I wasn't the only one who was paying attention to her - mid-struggle, his gaze snapped her way. Either he was that bloodthirsty or the noise disturbed him. Thankfully, he took too long to re-focus. With all my strength, I surge forwards and knocked him down. His head smashed to the ground, granting him unconsciousness.

I should have ripped him apart right then. But instead, my hands reached up to the dirty bangs covering his identity. Tugging them out of the way, I probably should have stopped. But I didn't.

Speech was impossible and for once, my mind was blank.



The End

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