Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Twenty Seven.Mature


I span around, my heart hammering through my chest.

The growl wasn't the same one I had been used to; the protective warning to anything around it to Back Off. There was only one way to describe it; a bloodthirsty snarl. And I couldn't see where it had come from. Oh god, why did I go out, in the Dark? Why?

I wasn't safe in the darkness. Anything could grab at me and I would never come back; Ever. My eyes shifted to the light that I had been surging towards. There was nowhere else I could go.

Another growl sent me speeding through the forest, running. For my life.


The chase just made it all the more interesting. How could I resist such a mouth-watering meal? Her blood - sweet, copper tinted blood - was pumping at an incredible pace.

Master will not care if I take one bite. Just a small nibble. She will be blissfully unconscious and then she can be brought to him. I will be awarded so graciously ...

I couldn't take it; my legs sprung from their high perch, propelling my lithe figure towards my prey. The night had no negative effects - in fact, I basked in it's ebony cloak. I belonged to it. My vision enhanced and I hardly registered the wooden obstacles that would have blocked the way of any human. A large Oak had fallen, and a mere flick of my wrist threw it metres up into the sky. Her scent was all that I wanted.

She was gasping heavily, fear clouding her trail. I could easily hear her limbs creaking with exhaustion. She did not dare look back, which was a set-back. One pause and my canines would be gnawing on her bare throat.

The best part of the hunt; that proud satisfaction of the life being sucked, literally, out of another. But I can't do that, no matter how irresistable it would be. She is important. Apparently.

I sniffed, breathing in and out carefully. Hah. Poor, little girl. I was still chuckling as she ran through the bushes, only to be stopped by a roaring river, snaking it's way past the trees. Moonlight shone bright, reflected off of the black water. A dead end. She screamed in utter frustration, and dropped to the floor - defeated. Now, do it now. Her eyes turned to me, glazed with salty droplets.

Such pitiful, angry ... beautiful eyes.


This is it; my Death. If I just hadn't have been so nosy, so interfering then maybe it could have ended differently. I was just too tired. I couldn't fight the pain anymore. I had been so afraid, that I couldn't even look behind me but as I slumped to the dirty river bank, I found the courage to stare at what would surely be my killer.

A Vampire - suprise, suprise. He wasn't exactly the cleanest; Matted, burgundy hair and tattered trousers. Crimson pupils, no white. Please, make it be quick.

But he didn't move. The evil creature who had just run me down to nothing, and he did not move. Not an inch.

I never even got to tell Luke how much I loved him ...

I scrunched my eyes together, fighting back ghoulish sobs. Nothing. When I opened them, he was still standing there. Is this how he got his 'kicks'? Watching his victims crumble until they turn insane and ask him to end it?

He looked so odd though. I couldn't place it ...


"FAYE! Move!"





The End

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