Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Twenty Six.Mature


Absoloute silence awaited me as I stood before the front door; I hadn't expected it to be this easy. But then again, my last escape hadn't been influenced by knowing how to get around.

No, I'm not escaping. What I'm doing isn't illegal - I think. No, it isn't! It's not like I'm never coming back. I just want to know; investigate, to see what's out there. I deserve that at least, as the Vampire community is also a part of me now.

Half of their heritage is running through my viens, I have their benefits, their powers. Which means that I have the full right to open this door.

Why don't you quit babbling on and turn the stupid handle?

I'm getting to it ...

Closing my eyes tight, before I could chicken out and run back to bed, my fingers gripped onto the handle, turning.

They are sure to hear me - this is why I have to do it quick. As I lurched forwards, my feet landed on hard stone. A sigh of relief passed my lips - I guess I can cross off a moat from the list. Inch by inch, my eyelids lifted, allowing me my sight back. It took a minute for them to adjust to the darkness.

My eyes delivered no pure justice to what they saw.




Strange scent. Such a strange smell that wafts through my nostrills; rural, honeysuckle, pounding, sweet aroma of blood.

Blood. Muscles, Bones, Organs.

Human, the word caused the deadly tips of my canines to indent my quivering lip. But, there is something different. Something wrong. Why does it smell familiar? Not a scent recognised before yet my senses do not defy me.

It cannot be.

I could not contain the growl that erupted from the base of my throat, sending my control into a dashed frenzy. She's here. Master said she can't be, but best to be on the safer side and to patrol the forests and outskirts of the Vampire City.

She's here. Oh, he will be very pleased.




The house was so isolated; the arms of trees, hooked and contorted, were the only thing above that I could see. Why was this building safer than any other? The answer was mind-boggingly obvious now that it was presented; Because nobody else would be able to even see it properly. Greenery protected the entire area, rocks and boulders rolled into a particular space, which was what I had landed on in the first place.

That wasn't all that my sight caught. My feet, without me acknowledging it, walked towards the hardly noticable, dim light. A fire, maybe? Are others here? Leaves crunched annoyingly under my toes and I had to hold back the urge to whisper, shhhhh.

Oh, what am I doing. As I moved closer and closer, brushing branches out of the pathway, wincing slightly as small thorns pricked my back, the light became brighter. It became a hold on me, willing me onwards. Light is good.

Hold on, that wasn't the plan. You wanted to see where you were, you've done that now. Go back. Go back to Luke and the boys. Go.

I shoved the voice into the lowest depths of my mind, muffling its queeries. I had to reach the light; The marvelous, glowing white light. What on earth could it be ...

It was the growl that broke me free of the unexplained trance.





The End

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