Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Twenty Five.Mature

Oh, life just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?

Not only did my Demon of a father take what mattered most to me, he had put Luke through the same situation.  And by hell was I going to stand for it.

My mother may be long gone now but Blake could still be out there. Breathing. Alive. Or as alive as Vampires can get. I kept un-usually quiet as Luke gently carried my exhausted body upstairs and to bed. Once again, he kissed me upon my forehead - whispering comforting words, saying everything would be fine. Nothing was my fault.

Yet why did it feel so much like everything was? Cyro rebelled against all that Vampires stood for, breaking all links and contact, because of me. Cyro took Blake, for God knows what reason, but I know he did it to get back at every individual of his kind. This might not have been his first or last victim.

He had caused so much pain and suffering, to humans, to Luke. To me. I didn't care how and I didn't care when - but Cyro wasn't going to leave this unscathed.

I had never felt this invigorated before; Previously, all I had to worry about was the next exam I would need to revise my ass off for and what ideas I could mold together to produce another piece of art, in school or just at home to fill up time. No inkling at all that there was a bigger world out there, and that I was only a small, tiny part of it.

Luke left my side reluctantly, without a clue on what I had silently been planning. Thank heavens for that.

Things will be different when tomorrow arrives; Well, they should be. I mean, I don't want them to be - being with the guys, talking, laughing, I honestly loved it. I never could have prophesised how much Luke's smile lightened up my entire day. Or how Jamie's boisterous nature around the others just made me want to burst out into giggles. Because it was so easy to tell that underneath, he was as sweet as a bunch of cherries. Or even, outside of his 'Don't worry, Be happy' attitude, Damien had the potential to be a real rebel.

If I could rub a magic lamp and recieve three wishes, one would be that I could help Damien. It made hot tears form in my eyes when I thought about how he must have felt, back in the Living Room. I could never know exactly what he was thinking, but I had a pretty good idea. Jelousy, maybe? Outrage? Over-protectiveness? I just wish he could have understood how happy I had been before it got all complicated.

Wish numero deux; That I could see my mother. Just once, to tell her how much I miss her. How much I yearn for her touch and voice. But it's doubtful that could ever happen.

And number three. You'd expect me to want to, I don't know, kill Cyro. Correct?

No. That's not what I want to do. Killing him would be like giving him an easy way to escape. I want him to be guilty, and sorry for what he did. And staying cooped up in a safe house will not grant me this wish.

It has been almost four days; Four, can ya believe it? But in those 96 hours, aside from the garden, I have not once been taken outside. Outside the front doors, to see what there is and where I have been taken. To see people, if there are any.

As the clock struck 1 in the morning, my eyes opened and I knew what I had to do. A perculiar feeling of deja vu as I made my way to the door, not having bothered to change out of my clothes.

I needed to see.




The End

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