Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Twenty Four.Mature

I, Faye Adams, am a moron.

A complete, stupid, selfish moron. The most disgusting, rude name in the entire galaxy could not describe fully how horrible I am.

His face; the agony was too unbearable to watch. Damien - kind, gentle Damien - lost control and it was all my fault.

Stop blaming yourself. What happened, happened. You couldn't have predicted what any of them would have done.

I shouldn't have gotten so close to them. I should have run while I had the chance.

And never had learned what Luke was really like?

"Faye. Faye, talk to me." I felt too firm hands grip onto the sides of my face, cupping my chin. No. I would have stayed, gone through it all again, just to meet Luke. Oh, I am such a moron! They were both in an arms length distance, and I didn't do anything to stop Damien.

"Say something or I will make you." I focused more intently on the face so close to mine. His eyes pleaded with me. I tried to force my voice to work but each time I did so, my mouth simply held tight shut.

"Listen to me. Damien's calmed down, Jamie's got him. You're okay, everything's okay." No it's not! Damien looked like he was going to eat you alive!

"But he didn't. No bruises, no cuts, no nothing." His assurance didn't help my current state. Why would he have just ... lashed out like that? I thought we were all friends. My palms reached up and clenched around Luke's wrists like I was hanging on for dear sanity. Work on your breathing, Faye, that's what Grandma always used to say. When your upset it helps to breathe.

"Ready to talk now?" Not talk. I flung my arms around his waist, desperate for comfort. He hugged me back equally as energetic, pulling me into him.

"I'm sorry." It was barely a whisper that breezed from my lips. Luke just hugged me tighter.

"You have nothing to be sorry for, do ya understand me?"


"But nothing." He stared down at me, showing for once an authorative stance. How could he be so sure? It was what we were doing that caused it all. That kiss. That one, innocent, perfect kiss.

"At least you don't regret it." His laugh was forced, trying to get some calm response from me. Regret it? I never would, in a thousand, million, gazillion years. He had clearly heard every word I had mindlessly uttered; he smiled, tenderly, lowering himself to gently kiss my forehead. It felt as natural as sleeping and breathing. Several of his hairs were dissarrayed across his parting - why this irritated me, right now of all times, I do not know. Absent-mindedly, I pulled them out of his way and back to where they should have originally been.

"Luke, what did Damien mean by 'stuff that would just make me worry more'?" I paused to yawn, involuntary. Relaxing did not seem appropriate at all. "Was there more to that story you told me?" Another helpless yawn. I shouldn't be tired. Maybe today's events were simply too much for me. Most of my energy had honestly been concentrated into not making a fool of myself out in the garden. He hesitated. That was an answer on it's own.

"Not now hun. You need some rest." He made to pull my feet from underneath me and carry me upstairs. But this was important. I need to know why that had been so important.

"I am not falling for that. Tell me. Please. While I am awake to understand." By the word Please, I had him. Luke sighed, defeated. What more to his sad tale could there be?

"Alright. You remember, my friend?" I nodded, resting against his chest. "He used to live here. With us." With them? It suprised me to think of adding someone else into their tight-knit family. Or once tight-knit family, if today has anything to say about it. "Me, Damien, Jamie ... and Blake."

The name came out twisted, with regret and pain. Blake and Luke; comrades, brothers, but you could feel that it was these two names that were the most strongly linked. Best Friends.

"When he vanished, by himself, we all searched for him. Like I said, we found Blood. But that was it. No body, no weapon. That wasn't right. These vampires, the rebellion, weren't smart or looking for anything. They just wanted something the Higher Force couldn't allow. Human's, any hour, every hour. Who cared about their world? They certainly didn't." He ... dissappeared?

"No. We have reason to believe that the Rebellion was a distraction. Simple as. Someone bigger behind it. Whoever triggered the battle, took Blake along with them."

Somebody else? Out there, bent on ruining the lives of so many people? It was Cyro all over again. The same pattern - peace could not prevail if Vampires lived so close to what they desired the most.

"That's just the point. This is mainly why Damien didn't want you to know. Jamie didn't either. We needed you to not be stressed." I just waited for him to continue. Why can't they see that I am strong enough to handle what they throw at me - as long as I have them. Somebody to express worries or answer my questions.

"Faye, we think Cyro was the one behind the Rebellion that resulted in Blake vanishing."





The End

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