Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Twenty Three.Mature

Faye Adams P.O.V

Our mouths moved in synchronisation, as if in anticipation and wonder. His lips were warm and soft, but his desire - or maybe even my own - caused the kiss to become more passionate as time passed.

Time; Hah. It meant nothing at the moment. The outside world was nothing, the only sounds that filled my ears were Luke's ragged breathing and the small moans that went along with it.

I'd sworn against ever dating, let alone kissing, a guy that came across even remotely as a player. But, Luke was different. So, so different to how I had first interprated. He cared when I was upset, as did Damien and Jamie, but ... Luke understood. I was going through so much right now and he knew just what to say to make me laugh. Or punch him. Either way, we'd both end up in stitches.

My fingertips raked through his hair, carressing the feel of him. His hands dropped down to my hips and for once, I didn't fling them away. I wanted them there.

The kiss was everything, yet I had trouble finding a way to describe it. Rough, but compassionate. Sweet, but what could develop into so much more.

I knew this had been brewing over the past few days; From pure annoyance, to absoloute adoration, Luke was there. We slowly descended, my back against the leather of the sofa, stuck between that and Luke's body.

It was perfect. We were perfect. And for some unfair, unjustified reason, Mother Nature just had to squeeze in something to pull us back.

Maybe, we could have stopped if Luke wasn't so enveloped in what we were doing. Maybe, he could have cut it off before what happened, did. Before Jamie and Damien could enter and catch us in this awkward position. The door squeeked as it was opened, but Luke didn't pay attention to it.

This reaction I was not expecting - not Luke's preoccupation. But, as I noticed the two of them, mouths wide open in shock, something occured that was not what I had planned. Jamie's face expressed only one emotion; 'What have you done?'. Yet it was Damien who lashed out at Luke's un-guarded posture.

All hell broke loose.


Luke P.O.V

The moment was everything I had imagined it to be; Her lips, her flowing hair, her scent - half tempting me to bite, the other persuading me that if I did so, I would be so goddam sorry.

This felt like nothing I had ever experienced. Sure, Girls like me, I like them. Alot. But just her being here made my heart soar upwards towards the stars and the Heavens. She wasn't just any other girl I could have. She was the girl.

I knew that she had me wrapped around her little finger, pulling me to her, to make every whim of hers a reality. Even if she didn't know that, it was hard to not do my best to help her.

Aw man, I have turned into such a sap. But it was all worth it, to see her smile. Ever since we brought her back here, to home, I just wanted her attention. And I definately had it now. For a limited time, unfortunately. I hadn't heard a single thing apart from her accelerating heartbeat.

I was thrown at the wall before I had the chance to gather what was going on. Damien was standing over me, his face morphed into fury. My eardrums were pounding, trying to take in what he was continously screaming at me in his head.

'How could you! You are so reckless, you could have hurt her! One wrong touch and you could have killed her! I knew I shouldn't have left her with you, of all people!'

He stomped towards me, while I just sat there, trying to presuade him to calm the fuck down.

'Look, it wasn't planned, she's not hurt-'

'BUT SHE COULD HAVE BEEN!  You took advantage, just like you always do!'

'I would NEVER take advantage of her!'

He snarled like a deranged animal, and surged towards me without any warning and all I could think was 'Is she safe?'. My own health didn't mean squat. But I guess it did to Jamie. Just in time, before I thought Damien was gonna rip me into unrecognisable shreds, he wrapped his arms around his flailing body, dragging him backwards through the doorway. He shouted out loud this time.

"You are freakin' unbelievab- Get off me! And I heard what you told her! Secret, eh? Told her about your friend? What about keeping 'stuff that might make her worry more' to ourselves! Jamie, let go!" This isn't like him. He would have understood - that story just brought fresh pain to that blasted scar on my back every time it came into any conversation.

Ugh, enough. My eyes searched for Faye's concerned, beautiful face.

She seemed more confused and distraught that I thought.

The End

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