Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Twenty Two.Mature

"I have never been so abused in all my life."

"Oh shut up and stop squirming." Luke yelped as I squeezed his shoulder a little harder than expected; Jeez, I thought Vampires were supposed to heal for Heaven's sake?

"We do, but it will still be sore before the first hour or so is up. And will you not be so rough, woman!" He grumbled. Ugh, such a girl.

"Am not." His attitude distinctively reminded me of how my little brother used to react when I fussed over him. He'd go mental, but he knew I was only being that way because I cared about him. Not even sure if that applies to Luke - nonetheless, I still felt kinda guilty for the guys using him as the Guinea Pig. Could they not have even asked first? I mean, I would have said yes if Luke didn't find anything wrong with it. So what if he's been through worse? These guys have no sense of morals. They left me to examine Luke in the Living Room when we came back, but only because I had insisted.

As part of my brain concentrated on evaluating whether or not Luke possessed any serious injuries - "Ow!"- the other wandered off, thinking over what had happened. I guess I was still in aftershock. I accepted that I was different, that I was what the boys told me because I felt that it was real. But it was nothing like I expected, seeing my powers in action. It was only a small exercise, but it made the biggest impact, to me.

Damien, Jamie and Luke - despite his current uncomfortableness - were ecstatic. This showed that they were right, that I was this mystery child from their story. Yet ... there was one thing hanging on my mind. While they jumped in excitement, congratulating me on doing so well on my first try, this thought was all that I could think about.

Right, so I have powers; That was very clear. But, why did it matter? To keep me alive, to protect myself from my father? I don't know what is going to happen next. All I do know, is that if or when I encounter him, I will fight my way out. Or die in the attempt. I will not be made defenseless by someone like him.

That's when I felt it.

I pulled myself away from my previous babblings, to look down at Luke's back. You wouldn't have noticed from far away, or even sitting right beside him, unless you touched it. I pressed my fingers against the top of his spine, then trailed them downwards, just to make sure I wasn't imagining things. Luke turned rigid at my touch, aware that something had definately caught my attention now.

Hidden underneath his shirt, from what I could tell, was a long, thin, bumpy line. A scar. But ...

"Luke," My voice was barely a whisper, not confident in asking such a personal question. "I .. I thought you said injuries healed. That it was only sore for an hour."

He was silent. His slow, stressed breathing was the one aspect that told me this was an untouched subject. And should have stayed that way.

"Not all of them can."

"I'm sorry .. what happened?" Oh shut up Faye, shut up! Curiosity killed the cat, dumbass. Literally!

"You don't want to know." He turned to face me. Maybe I really don't want to. His pupils were black with ... misery. I had never seen a look like that on his face. It didn't belong there. Instead of commenting again, I slowly and carefully touched the bumpy line, knowing that he could feel it. God, that must have hurt ...

"Everybody has their fairshare of Battlescars, Faye. I would take the pain over and over and not change a thing." I didn't know what to say to that. The scar was just ... so shocking. You see injury reports on the news everyday; when they show that soldier, confined to a wheelchair or without a limb, the whole world thinks the same exact thing, even for a split second before changing their views. I wouldn't have been as brave to go through that.

Maybe this wasn't in the same league, but that thought still crept in.

"It was worth it. What happened at The Crossing has not been the first or last of a rebellion. I lost my best friend once, in one like that. Vampires on the Run. Strong ones at that. Everyone was called together to stop them, and we won. But it was too late to save him - he had charged off in his own, silly fool. I went to save his butt like anyother time, but when I got there, he was gone. Just a pool of blood left on the ground. And then, wham!" He made a slicing motion with his arm. "An injury that will certainly remind me that if I had been faster, he'd still be here."

I hadn't asked for this information, but I had ideas. They were nothing compared to the actual thing. I almost gasped, but made myself stop. It won't make him feel any better.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have told you that." The worry on his face was visible. Oh, Luke ...

"I would have just kept trying to guess. This is just my opinion but, to me, you couldn't have done anything to prevent what happened to your, um, friend. Don't let this," I gestured to his back, and smiled. "Make you believe you could have done something else. Let it remind you that, you tried. That's all you could have done."

I must have said something right for a change. The light sparked back into his eyes, a crescent of bronze and silver shining from within them. The corners of his lips tilted upwards, so different compared to his smirk. He is such an idiot, when he wants to be. Like in the garden. And back home, on the streets. But as my heart swelled to twice it's natural size, noticing his sweet side was simply unavoidable.

His lips met mine and I did not struggle.



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The End

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