Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Twenty One.Mature

"Are you familiar with the sport of Tennis, Faye?"

At the mention of my name,I spun from where I had been examining a beautiful bunch of Roses growing on the back-wall. We had been out in the minature Garden of Eden for barely five minutes and already my attention was being phased. Damien stood in the exact middle of the area, slowly tossing a bright yellow ball from his right hand to his left.

"I suppose I am. It's not that hard." I shrugged, watching the ball as he sped up the pace, where it became just a speeding blur. Then it vanished. Hold on, what? A chuckle from behind me. Jamie immitated Damien's previous pose, throwing and catching the ball that had somehow gotten into his hands in a matter of milliseconds, over and over again.

"Show-off," I mumbled."May I ask, how is Tennis involved in this situation?"

"Damien and Jamie plan on pelting me with Tennis balls until you attempt to save me." Luke answered, from his place on the grass. He lay on his back, arms and legs outstretched. His eyes had turned in on themselves, staring cross-eyed at a small fly that had seated itself upon the bridge of his nose.

"Luke, don't make up stuff like that." I knelt by his horizontal figure and flicked his nose, startling the little bug into buzzing away.

"I'm not, it's the truth!" He protested, rubbing his injury, his voice slightly nasal.

"It is actually," Damien laughed, scratching absent-mindedly behind his ear. "Maybe if he's in enough pain you'll block what is hurting him."

"Told ya." Luke had rolled onto his front now, burying his forehead in the space between his folded arms. His hair lightly shifted as the wind blew through it, his skin sparkling. I don't know why but I noticed more about Luke than before; What I had taken as arrogance, was his version of mucking around. When he was frustrated, his jaw would move back and forth. These minute differences stuck out to me. Odd. I stopped looking when Luke's eyes darted upwards - he smirked.

"Like what you see, My Lady?"

"Gimme that ball." I glared at him, my hand reaching out to recieve the weapon that I could possibly use to clunk him over the head with. Right between his stupid, furry, goddam sexy eyebrows. Wait, no. Not sexy. Definately not sexy, nu-uh.

"Allow me." With a brute force I wouldn't have thought Damien was capable of, he threw the ball overhand, nailing Luke right in the stomach with a canny prescision.

"Ow! I wasn't read- Ow, Jamie!" Jamie had decided to join in on the fun too, the amusemant clear on his prominent features. This missile had managed to pummel into Luke's face, but he didn't do anything asides from displaying a very wide variety of curses.

"Now Faye, concentrate on the balls that we throw. It might take a while, but even small shows of violence like this can trigger the ability that we believe you could have. Take it slowly. It helps I guess if you are worried about the subject being hurt, but in all honesty, Luke's gone through worse. Shall we continue?" Damien looked very eager to do so. Hey, who am I to spoil his fun? I nodded, evily. Luke's eyes widened at our brief understanding.

"Wait, wait, wait! Not yet, for the love of all that is Holy, not yet!" His hands went down to protect his crotch. "Okay, bring it!"

And boy, did they bring it. Each ball mercilessly attacked Luke, leaving small red marks from his shoulders to the very tips of his toes. Of course, these soon dissappeared as he healed. Nothing amazing occured until it felt like I had been sitting on the ground for two hours, watching Luke repeatedly being hit. Well, at least they hadn't thought of that crate idea.

My face was scrunched together so much I was sure it would stay that way. This is rediculous. How am I supposed to stop a pile of fluffy, neon yellow bullets by just sitting here? Luke's several crys and shouts amplified how bad my progress was. Rediculous.

Then it clicked; the little lightbulb above my head came to life. I've been concentrating on the whole pile. Trying to stop as many of them as I could without hurting Luke more. But I should have started smaller. I glanced at the ready ammo in Jamie's grasp - one ball per time. I worked my brain capacity at full power, cranking up my awareness of the one, tiny Tennis Ball.

What now?

I dunno, shout at it.

Shout at it? How the hell will that do anything?

Just do it Woman!

I mentally agreed, for the sake of not arguing with the voice in my mind. I can't believe I'm doing this ...

Hey, you, Ball! Yeah, you heard me! Don't you dare hit your target or You'll be sorry you were ever manufactured! I screamed within my conscience. Yet the ball still flung out of my vision.

It doesn't matter, I can still do something! Everything stopped, as if in slow motion. Like in the films. It probably didn't, but what the hey, I was on a roll here.

Stop. Stop. No more movement, Stop. Now. It continued it's non-affected journey. Heat rose into my cheeks and my eyes only saw red.


And, to my suprise, it did. The change was barely noticable to me but as the boys began to realise that the ball was late, It rolled to a stop. In mid-air. As a gasp escaped my lips, the ball dropped to the grass.

Oh. My. God.



How was that? =D lol i thought it went pretty well. xx Yes, Faye is indeed in possession of Mind powers ;) <3




The End

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