Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Twenty.Mature

" ... And that's the reason why I had to sleep in Luke's room!" I finished, proudly.

All four of us were sat around the Kitchen table; Damien and I with a bowl of cereal, Jamie munching contently on his toast and Luke gorging himself on a full English Breakfast; sausage, bacon, eggs and a heaping pile of beans. Pig. Damien and Jamie both shared the same odd look while Luke was failing to fight back a smile.

"You expect us to believe that you and Luke organised a mini rave inside his room, Dancing Goblins gatecrashed the party, locking you both in so that you had no other possible choice but to sleep there for the night?" Hmmph. I thought I'd done quite well; seems like Damien thought otherwise.

"Yes." My voice was dripping with the unmistakable 'Duh' expression.

"It might have seemed plausable without the Dancing Goblins." Jamie chuckled, licking the excess butter off of his fingers.

I sunk low into my chair, cradling my glass of Orange Juice. "Well, you guys exist. Why can't Dancing Goblins?" I took a long sip. If monsters from Horror Movies and Books can be walking among us, then surely the idea of jigging fairytale creatures isn't so incredulous?

"Everyone knows that Goblins died out centuries ago." I paused and spluttered uncontrollably, coughing. Gah - Vampire humour. After making sure that I wasn't on the verge of passing out, I managed to reply.

"That was very immature of you Jamie. Shame on you."

"I'm being serious Ma'am." He laughed deeply, the sound coming from right within his chest. He was modeling a simple outfit today, a checkered cotton shirt with jeans that hung comfortably on his hips. Luke noticed me studying Jamie and grunted unattractively, biting - or mauling, I should say - his last piece of bacon. Topic change time!

"As I presume that we are all finished," Thankyou Damien. "I think Luke has some information to give us."

Ahah. I guess the results of yesterdays 'happenings' hadn't crossed my mind. Or perhaps I had simply locked them out of reach. I re-lived the events as far as I could remember; Luke coming up to see me, memories, minor upsets and going to sleep.

Dreams - Nightmares. Mother. Cyro. I cringed, trying to forget that part of the night. Something nudged me from underneath the table; Luke's shoe. I looked up at him, visualising a large question mark. What?

The same smile from yesterday when I had described my dream - the sympathetic one. He lightly tapped my foot. In a wierd way, that gesture was comforting. Like how someone would rub your hand when you were feeling down. I nudged him playfully back, earning a breathtaking grin.

"I do have some info, and I believe that it might be enough to get us started. But would it be alright if I borrow Faye for a minute?" He sounded so polite. Too polite. Damien nodded once, suspiciously, just as cautious as I was. Luke and I both stood, walked out of the area and into the Living Room. Luke closed the door. Would it matter considering their hightened senses?

"You are witness to what happened in your memory. You tell me what you think was important." Okay, wasn't expecting that. But the answer to his request was very easy to conclude - the vase, the Ink bottle? Not accidents, but not directly on purpose either.

"When I was angry, that bottle toppled. When I was upset, the vase broke." I whispered. "But why did you need to bring me in here to just say that?"

"The boys don't know anything about what we saw. They will find out as soon as I tell them. But as this is your future we are gonna be messing with, I thought it would be right for you to choose it." He had tipped my chin upwards so that I could see how serious he was being. "As soon as we start, there's no going back."

I was silent for a short time. Finding a starting point - sure, that had been a piece of cake. Then Jamie's words echoed through the room.

'You just might have that something extra, that's all.' Even I knew we would have to excercise that something extra. But, how? Chuck crates at me until I deflect them with whatever glitch that is hidden within my subconscious? Luke rolled his eyes at my comment.

"Not that extreme. But it will be alot harder than you might think - our powers came outright, at a particular age. Once we could control them, we didn't have to worry. You? You're still half human." I had to stop him right there. Without thinking, my hand covered his mouth, forcing him to be quiet. He didn't object.

"I agreed to do this. Even after being kidnapped for crying out loud! Any normal human would have freaked and run around screaming until they died of exhaustion. I'm stronger than that, thankyou very much. Besides, this is important to me. I'll be fine." I felt his lips form into a smile underneath my skin. Removing my palm, I sighed and crossed my arms.

"Point taken. Well? Are we ready?" He smirked, raising his eyebrow. I gulped, swallowing the queeries and whatnot that were bursting out of my mind. Take your own advice - you'll be fine. He was still smirking, almost challenging me. And I never step down from a challenge.

"Damn right."



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The End

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