Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Eighteen.Mature

"Is it really me you should be telling that to? I saw your face earlier. You may think differently but my minature breakdown wasn't your fault."

"Ah. Touche." He whispered, not meeting my penetrating gaze. I knew this subject was making him uncomfortable but he needed to understand. It was all in the past. Nothing could be changed so the best thing anybody can do is accept it. If anything, it was my fault for overeacting.

"Don't ever think that. Ever." Luke's hands gripped onto my shoulders, his eyes furrowed and focused; the gesture briefly shocked me. He blinked a couple of times, as if only just realising what he was doing. He withdrew himself slowly.

"Sorry. But ... it's so hard to explain to you! You trusted me to help you and to not hurt you - and what did I do? You cried. You were hurting. Makes me feel like even more of a jerk than I usually am."

The fact that he cared enough to have it plagueing on his mind caused me to flush inwardly. However, when he mentioned 'jerk' I pretty much snapped. I gave him my best glare.

"You. Are. Not. A. Jerk." Between each seperate word I jabbed him in the middle of his chest. I doubt it affected him as much  as it made my finger throb though.


"Damn straight! Don't you dare sit there and tell me it was your fault! Because if you do I will personally punch you in your stupid, Vampire face! And we don't want those handsome features damaged now, do we?" Of all the reactions I was expecting, Luke smiling was not one of them. I took a second to register fully what the hell I just said.

"You think I'm handsome." Dammit.

Well, you can't deny it. He is handsome. Can you honestly say that you know anybody with that cute grin? Or good body?

No. But he doesn't have to know that.

Too late now Hunny.

"Um ... well .. well, ya know I wasn't exactly saying -"

"If it makes you feel any less embarrassed, I think you're very pretty." It had the opposite effect - that comment just made me turn an even more deep red. I did the only thing that I was used to doing around Luke; I punched him. Only lightly. I think.

"I'm going to bed."

"Oh, no, wait! I'm sorry, I'll shut up. Besides, Mr Handsome here wants to give you a hug!" He was teasing but I recoiled to the very end of the bed anyway. Noticing this, an evil smile crept its way onto his face. Almost predatoraly, he crouched on his hands and feet then, fast as lightning, he had me in a bone-crushing embrace. I squeeled, struggling.

"Luke! Stop hugging me you Retard!" He was laughing so much at my reaction, back to his old self again. The tempting thought of kicking him in his You Know What niggled at my mind but in all honesty, I couldn't do it. Not when he was so happy.

"I knew you couldn't resist me." His husky whisper tickled my ear.

"Yeah, right. Now, GET OFF! Or I will get Damien to come and beat the crap outta you."

His face was a mask of mock horror. "Not Damien! Please! I'll be good!" Fair enough, the image of gentle, caring Damien trying to crack Luke's head open with a steel crowbar seemed highly farfetched. Which was why I couldn't hold in the laughter any longer. We both were a unrecognisable mass of giggles for a good five minutes, almost at the point of not being able to breathe efficiently. Stopping, I rubbed my eyes, a great big yawn erupting from my mouth. It was like all my tiredness had gone and dumped itself on me just at that moment.

"Maybe I should let you go to your room. I've kept you up long enough." The idea drew me in but then the terrifying dream that had brought me here in the first place haunted me. Going back to bed sounded less and less appealing.

"You're welcome to sleep here, if you want." My eyebrow arched upwards; What was he implying?

"Oh, not like that. Dirty minded person." He tutted. "You take the bed. I'll sleep on the floor." I raised a hand to object, but suddenly, the point I was about to make didn't matter. All that I was chanting was sleep. Without another word, I smiled and then practically flopped on Luke's bed. Not as graceful as I planned. Luke chuckled, took a large pillow from the endless collection and dropped to the floor.

Hmm. Damien and Jamie are gonna be very suspicious in the morning, aren't they? I sighed. I'll ... explain in ... the .. morning ...

"Goodnight Faye."

"Goodnight Luke. You're a life saver." I mumbled, cuddling up in the covers. His laugh was the last thing that I heard before the world turned black.

My father did not re-enter my well deserved sleep.




The End

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