Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Sixteen.Mature

"It's okay Faye, it's okay. Stop crying, everything is okay." Luke whispered repeatedly, hugging me tightly to his body. I don't care how this might look, I decided. He was here and that was all that mattered.

"She ... she was so ... cruel," Tears were flooding down my face and my voice was shaking. "I was so ... happy and .. and she went and did that! She just wouldn't ... leave ..." I buried my face into his shoulder, almost hysterical. I was somewhere between sobbing and hiccoughing, which was a rather irritating mixture.

"I know, I know. It's over now, shhh ..." I never thought I would end up saying this but his presence was comforting. I mentally slapped myself; get a grip Faye. Stop all of this nonsense. Stop crying over something that has been and gone.

But I couldn't stop. These tears were caused by more than just a school bully and a ripped up Art piece. These tears were for my lost mother, who I will never get to meet. They were for Leo, Tommy and Yvonne who, and I am no longer denying this, might never see their sister again. All of this I had bolted up and locked away, refusing to comprehend. Now, it was all leaking out.

"Faye, please, don't be upset. Please, calm down, it's fine, shhh," I am definately not fine. I will never be fine.

Amazingly, through Luke trying to help and my constant sobs, I could hear footsteps racing to the room. As I looked up, Damien and Jamie were at the door.

"What ..? What's wrong? Luke, why is she like this!" Damien came rushing to my side, trying to catch my eye. Oh, leave me alone ... I wouldn't let go, so he reached for my hands and, slowly but steadily, drew them from around Luke. He probably needs to breathe.

"Bullying issues. We were trying to find something significant and it happened to be hidden in a painful memory." Damien coaxed me into his arms, rubbing my back reassuringly.

"I'm okay ... I'm fine, just ... just give me a minute." I sniffled, wiping away the moisture around my eyes. They all swapped doubtful glances. "I mean it. I'll be ... okay." As okay as one can get. I really am being stupid. Nobody else would have reacted this way, nobody. They would have sucked it up and took it as it was. Not me.

"Are you completly sure you're going to be alright? Do you need anything?" I shook my head, causing waves of my hair to tickle my skin; brushing them away, I pulled myself from Damien and sat up on the bed. Congratulations - I have managed to make a drama out of everything. Again.

"I'm going to my room. Take care, Faye." I turned to watch Luke hastily exit, only just managing to see his face, for a fraction of a second, before leaving. He seemed so ... pained. Guilt-ridden, even. I wanted to follow him, to check whether he was okay. Why would he just go like that? Jamie's hand stopped me from acting on those thoughts.

"Leave him." He was looking down at me, eyes a solid decision of finality.

"But -" I removed his palms from my shoulders. "What did I do? Is he alrigh-"

"He was with you. I guess he considers himself responsible for how upset you were."

"It was the memory!" I protested. "I just over-reacted, seriously -"

"I know. But he brought it to the surface; don't worry, he'll calm down. Usually does when he's left with his music." I just stared at the doorway. This isn't his fault yet he thinks the opposite. I finally started to see a different side to him and now I've messed that up too.

Damien sighed, but averted his gaze to mine, and smiled, apoligetically. "I think it's time we all tried to catch up on some sleep. We have another day ahead."

"What about what Luke saw? About what happened?"

"He did see, but it can wait until morning. Remember we'll only be across the hall. Goodnight." Even though, visually, he was younger than Jamie and Luke, he seemed to be the adult figure of this family. Always trying his best to make sure others were happy. Dismissing complications with the back of his hand as if it were easy. But sometimes, that face told a different story.

"Alright. Night." Probably best if I agree. I am clearly not going to get anything out fo them until tomorrow. They both bent down to give me a small hug and left their seperate ways; Damien to the room two doors down from mine, Jamie downstairs, to set up his duvet I suspect. I do have to thank him for that sometime. Giving his own bed up for a stranger. Well, not technically a stranger. A friend.

That's how I viewed them now: my friends, trying to help. No longer kidnappers, or mentalists or even monsters. Friends. I was long gone before my head hit the pillow.



My ears barely caught the sound, struggling to grasp at it.

Faye. I'm coming.

It was only a whisper, like a trick of the wind yet it sent chills down my spine.

I'm coming for you Faye. I'm coming.

I attempted to turn around but I couldn't. I reached out but found nothing. Suspended in the darkness with nowhere to run.

You can't hide. You have nowhere to go. Just like your mother.

At the mention of her, my heart stopped. I could imagine how beautiful she would have been, how caring. She wouldn't have let anything bad happen to me. I could see her now - No, I mean it. I really could; standing, right there. It was amazing how she seemed so clear amongst the black. Almost like there was a white halo surrounding her entire being. Long, auburn curls and petite structure. All I wanted to do was to touch her, to know that she wouldn't dissappear as soon as I did so.

The woman smiled sincerely, encouraging me with eyes of pure sea blue. They mirrored my own.

Gone forever. I'm coming Faye. I'm coming to find you.

I flinched at the mocking tone; A strange shadow slowly materialised behind my mother. Pointing desperately, I tried to warn her but no words came out. A single pale hand snaked it's way up her bare arm to rest on the crook of her neck. The fingers morphed sickly into razor sharp animal claws that could cut through flesh like a butcher knife.

You can run but you cannot hide.

In a frenzied movement, the hand that had once been so dangerously close to spilling my mother's blood was now clasped onto my throat. So cold but the touch burned me. A squeezing sensation, wrapping itself continuously around my windpipe - choking me. I turned helplessly to beg for help but all I came to face was an empty silence. She was gone.

Gone forever. As will you be.

I woke, clutching at the mattress, with a flim of sweat upon my body.



The End

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