Instinct. [Not your Average Vampire Tale] X Fifteen.Mature

There I was. Sitting alone in Art Class; Kiera had been absent that day with a stomach bug, so it was just me that arrived at Lunch to finish my project. I looked so proud - one more brush stroke then it would be done. A whole A2 Still Life piece, outlined in black ink. I couldn't have been happier.

Then she entered the room. Platinum blonde hair, a lip piercing and a face that could turn milk sour. Mia Harries. My eyes shot up from the paper to see her stomping towards me menacingly. Could she have looked even more of a Chav?

'Been lookin' for you. Ya think you can just hide away from what you've been doing, did ya? Little Skank.' What the Hell?

'What are you talking about Mia?'  I had several insults that could have gone along with that question but I didn't want to make trouble.

'Don't act all innocent! I know what you've been up to, what you've been trying to do! And it ain't gonna happen!'

'I honestly have no idea what you think I've done Mia, but I'm busy.' Busy completly freaking out. Who knew one bully could have such an effect on me.

'Stop lieing! Stupid cow. I heard what my mates said you been doin'. I'm here to tell ya that El doesn't like bein' chased after, and I ain't gonna stand for it.' I snorted briefly. Oh, very nice Faye. Verrrrryyyy ladylike.

'You think I've been chasing Elliott? Of all people? I can assure you, nothing of the sort is going on.'

'Oh yeah? Then how come my mate told me that she's seen you talking with El loads before, in little private places? Explain that!' Mainly because he's been complaining at me for pissing you off so much! After each of our encounters, she runs off to bitch about me some more. Mia gets upset, Elliott goes to sort it out. Like she'd believe that though.

'It's all rumours Mia. Maybe you should reconsider who you trust when it comes to your friends.' I dismissed her, turning back to my artwork. She still hadn't moved a muscle.

'That's a nice picture you've got there. Would be a shame if it got ruined.' I was about to tell her to leave when, straight from under my nose, she grabbed my Art uncaringly by one of it's corners, inspecting it with her beady mud-coloured eyes.

'Give that back! Don't touch the ink!' She ignored my protesting. I tried snatching it back time and time again but she always pulled it out of my reach.

'Who said I was gonna touch the ink?' Then, in one swift movement, she ripped the delicate paper in half, right down the middle. My art. Destroyed. Just like that.

Needless to say, I went crazy.

'Why did you do that! You are so spiteful! A few more seconds and I would have been done! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG!'

'You deserved it! This is what you get for being such a weak, nerdy, freaky, nobody! You hear m-' That was it. A nobody? Well I'll show her what a nobody can do.

For the first time in my life, I was aiming to hit someone. I had raised back my hand, only to hear her shrieking like a Banshee. I'm not that scary am I? I looked back at her, to see a large black stain spreading and dripping off her shirt. My ink bottle was on the floor, empty.

'What the fuck! Look what you've done, you, you -' I blinked. But ... I hadn't done anything. She was furious, flinging her arms around hopelessly. In a mere second, she ran away, dissappearing along with the rest of the memory. Luke removed his hands and I fell backwards onto the bed, fresh tears trickling down my cheeks. Sobbing.

The End

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